• He has extensive experience in both domestic and international media, covering diverse topics such as arts, culture, music, politics, and fashion.
  • His professional roles encompass freelance journalism, public relations, social media expertise, and PR work, showcasing his versatile skill set.
  • He’s contributed to renowned fashion labels like The Tailory New York and En Femme, demonstrating his involvement in the fashion industry.
  • His collaborations include innovative multimedia projects, such as a groundbreaking digital lookbook exhibition at the Rijksmuseum with artist Olivier Weber.
  • He’s played a pivotal role in diversifying online fashion through his founding contribution to RAMP1885, an award-winning global fashion platform.


Triston has years of experience working stateside as well as internationally for magazines, books, blogs, and the realm of digital media. As a freelance journalist, publicist, PR expert, and social media specialist, he has covered the arts, culture, music, entertainment, politics, travel, fashion, and Fashion Week in several cities, including New York, London, Berlin, Zagreb, Kyiv, Istanbul, Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok, and Tokyo, to name a few.

His experience includes working as a fashion & lifestyle writer for fashion label The Tailory New York, a public relations specialist for fashion label En Femme, a fashion journalist for No Kill magazine, a featured contributor for the lifestyle brand OffBinary, PR for the talent agency Raconteur LA, creative content manager for the fashion label NouVintage, content marketing officer for the leather luxury brand Inga Atelier, journalist and editor for NY Elizabeth, content specialist for the jewelry brand Elegatto, a contributing fashion journalist for the site Caribbean Posh, SEO Specialist for SD Web Solution, columnist for men’s lifestyle publications His Potion, The Adult Man, and Gentleman Within, a brand writer for the Australian luxury retailer Harper’s Emporium, as well as a contributing journalist for fashion publications RAMP1885 and The Huffington Post.

He is a founding writer for RAMP1885, which has received several online media awards for diversifying fashion online in an innovative coalition of fashion industry professionals across the globe.

He collaborated on an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, marking the first of its kind – a convertible digital lookbook with Olivier Weber, an international digital media artist. The exhibit was seen by over half a million visitors and transformed the multimedia sector. This exhibition was followed up with a second international digital lookbook and included brand strategization.

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