Dressing Like Jason Voorhees: Friday the 13th Costume

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If you’re going to dress up like a horror icon like Jason Voorhees, there are some essential pieces necessary to get the look. Here, we provide a run-down of must-haves to portray the movie icon!

Jason Voorhees, the silent antagonist from the ‘Friday the 13th’ movie series, stands as one of cinema’s most instantly recognizable villains. Adorned with his iconic hockey mask, tattered attire, and menacing machete, Jason instills dread in the unsuspecting counselors of Camp Crystal Lake. 

Crafting a Jason costume for Halloween or a themed gathering doesn’t demand extensive effort, but it does come with more looks than most people realize.

As a main baddie on film since the 80s, Jason has incorporated a few looks over the years – some more infamous than others. In this guide, we go down the line with ideas on how to craft your own Jason Voorhees’ look!


To dress like Jason Voorhees, the iconic character from “Friday the 13th,” you’ll need a hockey goalie mask with red triangles, a prop machete, tattered dark green clothing (shirt or jacket and pants), and black or dark brown boots.

To enhance the look, consider adding fake wounds or scars with makeup or prosthetics and optionally carry toy weapons like axes or knives.

Ensure your costume is appropriate for the occasion and prioritize safety, especially with prop weapons.

How to Dress Like Jason Voorhees

Costume ComponentDescription
Hockey MaskIconic white hockey mask with red accents.
CoverallsDark green or black coveralls with various stains.
Machete PropReplica machete with a weathered appearance.
BootsBlack, heavy-duty work boots.
GlovesBrown or black gloves.
Toy WeaponsOptional accessories like a toy axe or knife.
Table: Essential Components of Jason Voorhees Costume

Jump into a Jumpsuit!

In the 80s, Jason Voorhees put jumpsuits on the map! And today, jumpsuits for men are more popular than ever before. Get one for yourself in a dark shade like dark blue or gray.

These are the colors that best match Jason’s imposing silhouette and align with the aesthetic. Opt for a one-piece jumpsuit in a slightly larger size than your usual fit to capture the disheveled appearance accurately.

This approach simplifies the body portion of your costume, and you can conveniently find jumpsuits at budget-friendly prices in the workwear sections of most major retailers.


In Jason’s first appearance as an adult in ‘Friday the 13th Part 2’, his sartorial choices still screamed ‘hillbilly chic’, and in order to replicate the rustic and sinister essence of his original outfit, opt for a pair of dark blue overalls.

This choice will help you embody the eerie image of an overgrown child and simplify the most significant aspect of the costume, allowing you to focus on a few additional components.

Overalls are a no-frills item of clothing that are inexpensive and can be found just about anywhere.


Jason loves to come out at night, as that’s the best time to stalk his prey, so if you’re going to imitate his look, you should veer towards darker jackets, preferably in brown or black.

Look for a loose-fitting version in a softer material like cotton and you’ll be good to go!


Of all the pieces Jason wears, this is where Jason adds a bit more character into the mix, so you have more options to play around with. Try a plaid shirt to wear underneath your overalls.

The shirt Jason wears in the movie is a faded blue-brown pattern, so find something as close to this color combination as you can.

Try on the shirt and overalls alone and you’ll already be guaranteed to scare yourself and maybe even your neighbors too!

Don’t be too upset if you fall short of the exact replica worn by Jason in the film series. Any rustic-looking pattern can help you achieve the look swimmingly.


Jason and boots are a pairing to be expected, and to keep your look similar, find yourself a pair of chunky black work boots made of leather, canvas or some other heavy material.

If you desire, slather them with mud to make them look old and used. These will complement the effect of your look from top to bottom.

Earth tones are the theme of Jason’s costume in ‘Friday the 13th Part 2’, and his boots are no exception. If you can’t find the right pair of brown boots, it’s okay to use black, gray or another dark neutral color.

Just make sure they look like they’ve seen their share of mileage.

Costume Variation Ideas

Movie VersionKey Costume Variations
Original (Part 3)Standard hockey mask, coveralls, and machete.
Part 7: “New Blood”Weathered mask with exposed spine, tattered clothing.
Part 9: “Jason Goes to Hell”More demonic look with exposed chest.


Jason Voorhees has accessories that are very different from most costumes, and because of his penchant for certain pieces, his look is now considered iconic. Some of these you absolutely need to complete the look, while others are basically icing on the cake.


It’s rare that you ever get a full view of Jason’s face, and he is known for wearing something over it to conceal it, including pillow cases.

Before he stumbled upon other ‘accessories’ to hide his identity, he kept his features concealed with a dingy old pillow case with one eye hole cut out.

Fortunately, this part of the costume is extremely easy to replicate. If you want a look that’s film accurate, keep the pillow tied around your neck using a little rope!

Hockey Mask

Make no mistake about it.

If you want to accurately portray Jason Voorhees, you’re gonna definitely need a hockey mask. This is the feature Jason Voorhees is universally known for.

The hockey mask should be yellow or off-white with red triangles on the forehead or under the eyeholes. Smear some black and brown makeup on the mask or dirty it up outside to make it look like it’s followed you to the grave and possibly to hell and beyond!

Makeup and Effects TipsDescription
Create scars and woundsUse makeup and latex to mimic injuries.
Weather the maskDistress the hockey mask for an aged look.
Add dirt and grimeApply makeup to create a dirty, rugged appearance.
Table: Tips for Makeup and Effects

Luckily, most Halloween costume stores sell masks that are designed to resemble the ones worn in the Friday the 13th series.


Another classic Jason accessory, the best way to copy this look is buy procuring a fake machete. Add a bit of fake blood will make it look like it’s been freshly used.


Wrap yourself in fake chains. If you want to truly go the extra mile, try wrapping fake chains around your body and let everyone know that it can’t keep you down.

You can find plastic chain props at most Halloween costume suppliers, or you may be able to find some cheap chains made from real metal for a more realistic clink while you lurch about threatening hippies.

Dressing Down for the Horror Show

In the world of horror, dressing like Jason Voorhees is an iconic choice that instantly invokes terror. With his unforgettable hockey mask, disheveled jumpsuit, and haunting presence, emulating this silent menace offers a thrilling and spine-chilling transformation for Halloween or themed events.

By following these style tips, you can embody the essence of one of cinema’s most infamous villains, ensuring a night filled with frights and shivers. So, step into the shoes of this legendary character, and prepare to send shudders down the spines of those you encounter.

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