About Us

The Supermelon is an online publication that showcases the latest reports and recommendations on global style, shopping, arts, trends, and travel. Content is carefully selected and edited, thus able to give readers “a fresh perspective” in a savvy and nuanced way. TSM is like having a close in-the-know friend who tells you all of the latest things worth knowing.

The Supermelon has many exclusive features. “Real Style” showcases people who possess inspiring, innovative personal style. “Fresh Talks” are exclusive interviews with professionals in the fashion, arts, and beauty industries. The Supermelon’s “Playlist” recommends the best music of the moment that is not necessarily mainstream; more often than not, readers will be introduced to talented new musicians they haven’t heard of before.

The Supermelon was created on the notion that entertaining, practical, and refreshing information can all be found in one place.