Sock Styles for Hey Dude Shoes: Socking it Right

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Hey Dudes have an impressive line-up of shoes in their collection. This style guide helps you match your shoes to that aesthetic.

Hey Dude Shoes come in a variety of hues.

The Hey Dudes brand debuted in 2008; today, it stands as a renowned global shoe brand.

Renowned for their remarkable comfort and versatility, Hey Dudes’ products offer a supportive and plush experience with each step, owing to their canvas and cotton construction.

Wearing socks with Hey Dudes is an option, even though some individuals prefer going sockless. It is advisable to wear socks with Hey Dudes not only for shoe protection but also to prevent sweaty feet.

Selecting the ideal socks to pair with your Hey Dudes can be quite a task. The sock market offers a plethora of options, making it challenging to discern what constitutes the perfect choice.

Whether you’re grappling with cable knit patterns, seeking cushioned soles, or simply aiming to add a touch of style to your wardrobe, your search ends here.

You want to complement your Hey Dudes with the best options for socks. They’re versatile shoes that are suitable for any occasion, be it school, work, lounging at home with loved ones, or even engaging in outdoor activities.


When wearing Hey Dude shoes, it’s best to go for no-show or low-cut socks that provide a clean and comfortable look.

These types of socks will keep your feet comfortable without showing much above the shoe’s collar, maintaining the casual and relaxed style that Hey Dude shoes are known for.

Socks to Wear with Hey Dudes

The optimal choice of socks to pair with Hey Dudes includes white or black athletic socks, and any other solid-colored sock devoid of patterns. It’s strongly advised to wear socks when donning Hey Dudes shoes.

This recommendation stems from the fact that Hey Dudes are crafted from leather and can be quite uncomfortable without some padding or cushioning beneath them.

You have the freedom to select your preferred sock style, as long as it’s sufficiently thin to avoid adding excessive bulk to your feet when wearing the shoes.

For a seamless look with Hey Dude shoes, especially when wearing shorts or long pants, no-show socks are also an option that we will cover in detail later. They offer the appearance of going sockless while still safeguarding your shoes and preventing perspiration.

If you desire a unique touch, plain white and black crew socks and patterned socks complement Hey Dude shoes exceptionally well. These options can be matched with both shorts and long pants.

With Hey Dudes, you have three primary sock choices to consider: no-show socks, patterned crew socks, or plain crew socks.

Style Of Socks To Wear with Hey Dudes

If you opt to wear Hey Dudes with socks, it’s essential to select a high-quality pair of socks that exhibit the following characteristics:


Opt for low-cut, non-slip socks as the ideal choice to pair with Hey Dudes. These socks are designed to keep your feet and heels securely in place.


Prioritize socks crafted from natural fabrics like cotton due to their exceptional breathability and sweat-absorbing properties.

Sock MaterialCharacteristics
CottonBreathable and comfortable, ideal for casual wear.
BambooMoisture-wicking and eco-friendly, suitable for warm weather.
Merino WoolInsulating and odor-resistant, great for colder seasons.
Synthetic BlendsQuick-drying and good for athletic activities.
Table: Sock Material Options

Alternatively, you can consider socks composed of 80% cotton and 20% other materials, such as spandex. However, it’s advisable to steer clear of synthetic materials if you wish to avoid walking in damp shoes during sweltering summer days.


In warm climates, opting for thin socks is always a wise decision. They not only offer enhanced comfort but also help in preventing blisters.

Hey Dude Shoe TypeRecommended Sock Type
Wally or WendyNo-show or low-cut socks, often without socks for a sockless feel.
Hey Dude BootsCrew or mid-calf socks, especially in cooler weather.
Hey Dude SandalsNo-show socks or go sockless, depending on personal preference.
Hey Dude Slip-OnsNo-show or low-cut socks for added comfort.
Table: Sock Options for Hey Dude Shoes

Why No-Show Socks Work With Hey Dude

No-show socks are preferred by some men and women for several reasons:

Aesthetic Appeal

No-show socks offer a clean and sleek look, especially when wearing low-cut or casual shoes like sneakers, boat shoes, or Hey Dudes. They create the illusion of going sockless, which can be more aesthetically pleasing, particularly with shorts or cropped pants.


No-show socks are designed to provide just enough coverage for your feet without extending above the shoe’s edge. This minimizes the chances of your socks slipping down or bunching up, which can be uncomfortable and distracting.


Their low-cut design allows for better air circulation around your feet, helping to keep your feet cooler and reducing the likelihood of excessive sweating and odors.


No-show socks are versatile and can be worn with a wide range of shoe styles, making them suitable for various occasions and outfits.

Preventing Blisters

By covering the crucial areas of your feet that are most susceptible to friction and blisters, no-show socks can help prevent discomfort during extended periods of walking or activity.

Shoe Protection

They also serve to protect the interior of your shoes by absorbing moisture and sweat, extending the lifespan of your footwear.

Overall, no-show socks offer a balance between comfort, style, and practicality, making them a popular choice for many footwear options, including Hey Dudes.

Why Going Completely Sockless is a Bad Idea?

First, it’s safe to say that the season primarily influences this matter. It’s unlikely that anyone would choose to bare their ankles on an extremely cold day when a substantial layer of snow is covering the ground.

However, as the weather turns warmer, and after a day of walking without socks in any footwear, your feet are likely to become sweaty and potentially emit unpleasant odors, as will your shoes. Additionally, the likelihood of developing blisters increases.

Extended use of Hey Dudes without socks can result in unpleasant odors emanating from the shoes. To address this, you have two options: you can choose to wear socks to absorb sweat and moisture, or you can opt to maintain cleanliness and odor control by regularly washing your shoes.

Final Words

You can wear Hey Dudes with or without socks, provided you wash them regularly. All shoe models of Hey Dude are designed to wear barefoot or with socks.

However, socks are still preferred to protect your feet from outer shocks, infections, awful odors, etc. They are also interesting accessories that can refresh your outfits.

In summary, wearing Hey Dudes is flexible – you can wear them with or without socks, but it’s important to maintain regular shoe cleaning.

Hey Dude offers shoe models designed for both barefoot and sock-wearing comfort.

However, using socks is advisable to safeguard your feet from external impacts, potential infections, unpleasant odors, and more. Moreover, they can serve as intriguing accessories to add a touch of freshness to your outfits.

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