Accessorizing Ideas for Your Burgundy Dress

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Burgundy is a hue of regality, and these tips will ensure that you step out in color in magnificent style!

Fashion trends can shift with remarkable speed and turn on a dime, but there are certain styles that stand the test of time, perpetually holding their allure.

The color burgundy falls into this category, boasting a profound shade that exudes authority. An ensemble featuring a burgundy dress is versatile, making it ideal for celebrating occasions like Christmas, New Year, and even formal events like weddings.

The art of styling a burgundy dress is a realm of its own. Among the various elements, the choice of accessories often captures the most attention.

Some assert that even a woman’s chosen footwear style speaks volumes about her elegance.

In truth, finding the perfect accessories to complement a deep hue like burgundy isn’t a simple task.

Therefore, you can direct your attention to those that harmonize with your dress or enhance your style through striking contrast.

If you’re uncertain about how to master the art of styling a burgundy dress and accessorizing it, fret not. We present to you an array of splendid options to ensure you make a resounding statement.

The color burgundy is closely connected with sophistication, luxury, and royalty. It’s often seen in couture fashion, as well as in nobility. In color psychology, burgundy is said to represent ambition, wealth, and leadership. So, if you’re looking to make a bold and confident statement, a burgundy dress is definitely the way to go!


To accessorize a burgundy dress, consider adding gold or silver jewelry for a classy touch.

Long pendant necklaces, statement earrings, and a matching clutch can complement the rich color.

Nude or black heels and a belt that coordinates well can complete the look with sophistication.

How To Accessorize A Burgundy Dress?

As we work our way through suggestions on what to wear with a burgundy dress, remember that the color is dynamic, which means achieving the preferred look entails going through the fine details to elevate your style. 

Dress StyleOccasionAccessory SuggestionsFootwearJewelry
Casual SundressBrunch or Shopping DayWide-brimmed hatSandals or sneakersStatement earrings
A-line Work DressOffice or Business MeetingLeather belt and tote bagPumps or loafersDelicate necklace
Maxi Boho DressSummer Festival or PicnicFloppy hat and fringe bagStrappy sandalsStackable bracelets
Wrap Midi DressCoffee Date or LunchScarf and crossbody bagAnkle boots or ballet flatsDainty rings
Shift DressCasual Outing or ErrandsCanvas tote and sunglassesSlip-on sneakersMinimalist necklace
Table 1: Accessory Ideas for Daytime Burgundy Dress Look

Dress StyleOccasionAccessory SuggestionsFootwearJewelry
Cocktail DressParty or Evening EventClutch and statement beltHigh heels or stilettosChandelier earrings
Maxi Evening GownFormal Gala or WeddingSparkling clutch and shawlStrappy sandalsCuff bracelet
Sheath DressDinner Date or TheaterBox clutch and opera glovesClassic pumpsPendant necklace
Lace DressDate Night or AnniversarySatin clutch and hairpinPeep-toe heelsStud earrings
One-Shoulder DressNight Out with FriendsMetallic crossbody bagPlatform heelsLayered bracelets
Table 2: Accessory Ideas for Evening Burgundy Dress Look


Blazers maintain a timeless connection with sophistication and refinement, a link that remains unshaken through the years.

With their impeccable tailoring, they can elevate any figure, establishing themselves as adaptable wardrobe essentials that harmonize with diverse styles.

Their compatibility with a wide array of ensembles, including dresses, is unparalleled. A well-chosen blazer is an indispensable addition to your wardrobe, seamlessly transitioning from office settings to evening occasions, casual outings, and leisurely strolls.

For those seeking to make a statement, opt for a blazer in classic black or pristine white, as these choices create a striking contrast that commands attention.


A statement belt can serve as a beautiful accessory to bring intrigue into your ensemble. Consider coupling your burgundy dress with a robust leather belt for a laid-back yet edgy appearance, or opt for a glistening gold or silver belt to exude elegance at a formal occasion.


For jewelry lovers, adorning a burgundy dress with these exquisite pieces is bound to be a delight. Jewelry stands as a timeless accessory of choice for women, harmonizing beautifully with any hue and enduring across eras.

Your selection of jewelry possesses the power to elevate your burgundy dress, culminating in a harmonious ensemble. Online sites offer a myriad of gold pieces, ranging from necklaces, bracelets, rings, to earrings. Or consider delving into your current collection as it might reveal treasures you hadn’t previously recognized.

Gold jewelry serves as a superb choice for enhancing a burgundy dress, invoking a warm and romantic ambiance. This precious metal can be paired with diamonds or pearls for added radiance, or combined with organic elements like wood or leather to evoke a bohemian flair.

Conversely, silver jewelry introduces a sleek and contemporary element to your attire. Its compatibility with monochromatic ensembles and adaptability to every season make it a versatile option.

Silver pieces can elevate your burgundy dress to new heights, whether it’s a refined silver necklace or gracefully cascading earrings.

For those desiring to make a bold statement, opting for statement pieces like chunky necklaces or oversized earrings can be a masterful decision. A daring necklace introduces contrasts and textures to your ensemble, while striking earrings direct attention to your face, elegantly harmonizing with your hairstyle.


An elegant scarf possesses the ability to introduce an element of distinction to any ensemble. Employed skillfully, a scarf can infuse your outfit with texture and dimension. Opt for a printed scarf boasting complementary hues, or select a solid-colored variant in an alternate shade of red.

Whether you choose to pair it with classic neutral tones like black or brown, or make more audacious selections such as red and blue, the key lies in selecting a scarf that harmonizes with your existing wardrobe, facilitating effortless coordination of your outfits.

Prioritize a lightweight knit scarf featuring an uncomplicated design. These scarves prove versatile year-round, proving particularly valuable for those residing in warmer climates during the summer months.

Colors that seamlessly complement your burgundy dress encompass shades like yellow or white. The vibrancy of these hues accentuates the deeper tones within the burgundy color, culminating in a harmoniously balanced ensemble.

Bag It Up!

Enhance your ensemble with a distinctive bag that infuses personality and intrigue into your look. Whether you opt for a clutch, tote, or crossbody style, select a bag boasting a vibrant color or captivating print to convey a bold statement.

Say It with a Brooch

A brooch holds the power to be a classic, sophisticated accessory, capable of elevating any ensemble. Enhance your ensemble by incorporating a floral or feather brooch, affixing it to your blazer or cardigan lapel, or even pinning it onto your scarf for an added touch of elegance. It’s a small, yet visually powerful sartorial statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Burgundy a Suitable Color for Spring?

Certainly, burgundy dresses can be embraced in any season. During spring and summer, you’ll discover an array of blush-colored shoes that harmonize beautifully with the dress.

Additionally, nude-toned shoes are versatile, complementing burgundy attire throughout the year.

Which Shoes to Match with a Maroon Dress?

Several shoe options seamlessly complement a maroon dress. Gold, suede, tan, and embellished footwear pair exquisitely with the maroon dress, bestowing an instant touch of sophistication upon your ensembles.

These shades effortlessly highlight the understated elegance of your timeless burgundy dresses.

Jackets to Pair with a Burgundy Dress

When choosing a jacket to complement your burgundy dress, consider that donning this hue signifies modernity, refinement, and an exuberant demeanor.

This makes it effortless to pair with items like black coats or brown leather jackets, among others. Don’t hesitate to explore beyond a strictly burgundy-themed ensemble.

Incorporating Prints with Burgundy

Printed dresses inherently exude femininity, catering to individuals with minimalistic or straightforward preferences.

Prints introduce an air of sophistication to the dress, rendering it suitable for professional settings or special occasions.

To infuse prints into your ensemble, consider accessorizing with items like handbags, scarves, or bracelets featuring distinctive patterns.

Complementary Colors for a Burgundy Dress

Shades of grey and various black tones harmonize exceptionally well with a burgundy dress.

Additionally, red may be the perfect choice if you’re seeking a lipstick shade to complement your burgundy dress.

Selecting a Purse Color for Your Burgundy Dress

With a burgundy dress, you have the opportunity to embrace a bold and vibrant look. Opt for a striking or bright option to infuse edginess into your ensemble.

A white purse, for instance, can impart a substantial amount of character to your appearance. Alternatively, you can elevate your style with a sparkling silver or golden clutch if you wish to make a noticeable impact.

Bring Your Own Version of Burgundy to the Forefront!

From metallic footwear and eye-catching belts to vibrant lip colors and understated makeup, an array of approaches exists to accessorize your burgundy dress. The choice of pairing your burgundy dress with items such as scarves, blazers, hats, sneakers, or boots hinges on your individual style and the nature of the occasion.

Whether you opt for neutral accents, sleek updos, or any other combination, the key lies in exploration and identifying the accessories that resonate best with your personal style.

Bear in mind, accessorizing possesses the potential to elevate a simple ensemble to remarkable heights. By selecting the appropriate accessories to pair with burgundy, you can exude a bold and assured presence no matter where you find yourself.

So, don’t hesitate to experiment with the suggestions and concepts discussed in this piece, showcasing your burgundy dress with flair and confidence!

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