Best Shoe Colors to Wear with a Burgundy Dress

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Burgundy exudes an exquisite allure, but are you well-versed in the art of styling such a captivating hue? This comprehensive guide is a source to discovering the ideal shoe colors to complement a stunning burgundy dress.

While burgundy often finds itself synonymous with autumn and winter, its appeal transcends seasons – serving as a sophisticated alternative to darker shades, irrespective of the time of year.


For a burgundy dress, neutral shoe colors like nude, black, or metallics like gold or silver complement the rich hue well.

These colors create a balanced and stylish look that enhances the beauty of the burgundy dress without clashing.

A Royal Color with Lots of Flavor!

Among the most sought-after dress colors for various occasions lies the timeless red, particularly its deeper iterations like burgundy, maroon, or wine. This trend holds immense popularity, likely because burgundy ensembles beautifully flatter women of all styles and sizes, seamlessly transitioning from formal galas to smart-casual gatherings.

Burgundy Dress StyleNeutral Shoe Colors
Casual and ComfyNude, beige, taupe
Classic EleganceBlack, gray
Chic MonochromeBurgundy (matching), white or ivory
Versatile NeutralsMetallic gold, metallic silver
Table: Neutral Shoe Colors for Burgundy Dress

Yet, the versatility of this lustrous hue extends far beyond, making it a remarkable choice for an array of events. From grand formal affairs to intimate cocktail parties and even casual get-togethers, the burgundy dress boldly carves a fashion statement that resonates.

Now, the quest of various shoe color options that harmonize flawlessly with burgundy to elevate your overall ensemble begins. Whether you prefer timeless classics or more dynamic, contemporary pairings, you’ll find your answers here.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that working with burgundy demands a certain finesse due to its commanding presence. Unlike neutrals that blend seamlessly, burgundy stands out prominently, necessitating astute color coordination.

Burgundy Dress StyleBold Shoe Colors
Playful VibesCobalt blue, emerald green
Statement ContrastMustard yellow, deep orange
Vibrant AccentsFuchsia pink, electric blue
Sophisticated PopMetallic rose gold, rich plum
Table: Bold Shoe Colors for Burgundy Dress

This holds especially true when donning a burgundy dress, a central piece that exudes dominance within your attire. Thus, this article is dedicated to delving into the nuances of choosing the most appropriate shoe colors to harmonize with your burgundy dress, tailored to specific occasions and events.

Shoe Colors That Pop!

In summary, what are the prime shoe colors that effortlessly harmonize with a burgundy dress? A palette of black, brown, or beige provides a safe yet stylish selection. Should you aspire to make a noteworthy entrance without overwhelming the ensemble, options like gold and royal blue subtly stand out.

For the bold and audacious, vibrant hues like green and turquoise or audacious choices such as animal or floral patterns take center stage, creating an attention-grabbing dynamic with your burgundy dress. This guide ensures that your footwear seamlessly partners with your burgundy attire, allowing you to confidently step into any event with style and grace.

Silver Shoes with Burgundy Dresses & Outfits

Currently, metallic footwear holds an extraordinary appeal, and silver shoes with burgundy dresses exude a captivating charm, yet the allure of this shade effortlessly extends to complementing a wide spectrum of dress colors and outfit choices.

Whether you opt for sleek silver ankle boots, alluring strappy sandals, or the glossy sophistication of patent silver pumps, these choices provide the perfect finishing touch to enhance your maroon ensemble.

Black Shoes with Burgundy Dresses

Black shoes epitomize a timeless and essential style declaration, a choice that unfailingly exudes sophistication. This hue stands as a chic and enduring cornerstone in any wardrobe, whether it graces a black dress or a pair of sleek stiletto heels.

Whether your preference leans towards peep-toe heels, delicate kitten heels, towering high heels, or any other variation that provides comfort, styling a burgundy dress with a pair of black heels remains an enduringly classic and refined choice.

Gold Shoes with Burgundy Outfits

Should your intention be to infuse an air of formality into your burgundy dress ensemble, the selection of a luminous gold heel embodies a profoundly chic and incredibly glamorous approach.

The synergy between a burgundy dress and gold shoes is truly captivating, adding a touch of brilliance and allure.

This captivating combination finds its zenith when manifested as high heels, particularly for noteworthy evenings or as an exquisite choice for bridesmaids’ footwear.

Beige Shoes with Burgundy Outfits

Beige, a nature-inspired hue boasting a warm and neutral demeanor, harmoniously complements the enchanting tones of a burgundy dress, where it splendidly pairs even with livelier shades of red.

For those crafting a fashion ensemble during the autumn or winter seasons, the inclusion of a pair of high-quality beige suede boots presents a dual testament to both style and practicality, embodying a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

The delicate blush hue introduces an element of warmth and charm, weaving an exquisite narrative that intertwines effortlessly with wine-red and rich maroon dresses, crafting an ensemble that exudes both sophistication and loveliness.

White Shoes with Burgundy

Never should one underestimate the influence wielded by a white shoe when paired with a burgundy red dress.

The introduction of white footwear often surprises and captivates, and this choice serves to add a compelling dimension without overpowering its inherent allure.

Brown Shoes with Burgundy Dresses

Revered for its sophistication and semi-formal demeanor, brown exudes a refined aura that seamlessly aligns with environments that appreciate a discerning dress code.

For those donning a burgundy winter dress, the fusion of brown office shoes, demure brown kitten heels, or even the addition of brown strappy sandals during the warmer months offers an impeccable partnership.

This dynamic pairing ensures your dress takes center stage while celebrating the nuanced beauty of the understated brown shoes.

Green Shoes

While pairing green with burgundy may initially appear unconventional, the infusion of green tones introduces an unparalleled sense of vitality and vibrancy. Whether you opt for mules, heels, ballet flats, or loafers, the result is a strikingly beautiful ensemble that effortlessly complements a burgundy dress.

Royal Blue

While the allure of beige, brown, grey, black, taupe, and various other neutrals remains strong, the frosty charm of royal blue as a footwear choice introduces a captivating dimension that sets your ensemble apart.

The cooling effect of blue is visually refreshing and can wield remarkable influence when paired with burgundy or orange garments, producing a striking contrast that adds an element of intrigue to your look. If you’re up for a bit of boldness, don’t hesitate to embrace this combination.


Time-tested and enduring, neutral-toned heels have solidified their place as a quintessential element within wardrobes, effortlessly elevating ensembles with minimal exertion.

This unwavering trend remains a steadfast choice for fashion enthusiasts seeking to infuse their appearance with an understated yet impactful flair.

When it comes to adorning a burgundy dress, the principles remain unchanged, particularly when curating a refined ensemble suited for formal occasions. Neutral heels effortlessly exude sophistication and a sense of composed elegance, seamlessly bestowing an upscale allure upon a subtly subdued burgundy dress.


Among the spectrum of unconventional shoe color choices I’ve presented, turquoise emerges as a particularly bold and striking option.

This selection isn’t intended for those who shy away from the spotlight; rather, it’s tailored for the glamorous fashion aficionado who seeks to make an unforgettable statement at events like concerts, parties, or wedding ceremonies.

In sharp contrast to the burgundy dress, much like the aforementioned royal blue, turquoise exhibits a vibrant allure that is anything but subtle.

While its neon luminescence sets it apart, the infusion of turquoise into your ensemble, be it through wedges, loafers, heels, or ballet flats, promises to elicit questions and garner attention in the most captivating manner.

Employing turquoise-colored shoes to complement a warm-toned burgundy dress represents an experimental endeavor that is impossible to ignore. This fusion is a daring testament to the intersection of fashion and audacity, ensuring your presence remains unforgettable and electrifying.

Animal or Floral Print

For those with a penchant for rebellious fashion, the incorporation of leopard or faux snakeskin print offers a captivating pairing with a burgundy dress.

The textured intricacies of these animal-inspired patterns beautifully disrupt the monochromatic canvas, infusing an air of high-fashion allure into the ensemble. Wearing an animal or floral print is a powerful sartorial step that will have everyone noticing your outfit.


Opting for burgundy as your dress color proves to be a prudent choice, as it seamlessly adapts to all seasons when thoughtfully amalgamated with the remainder of your ensemble.

Particularly noteworthy are the color recommendations detailed above, which should be taken into account when selecting your footwear to align seamlessly with your desired aesthetic.

Within this spectrum, you possess the tools to craft an outfit spanning from the realm of both sophistication and assurance to that of audacity and adventurousness.

Among these options, black and beige offer a subdued elegance, while the likes of green, turquoise, and captivating animal or floral prints magnetize attention and curiosity.

Furthermore, the palette extends its embrace to encompass an array of burgundy variations such as maroon, crimson, wine red, and even lighter shades of red.

This diversity serves as a testament to the remarkable versatility that burgeons from the nucleus of burgundy, ensuring your ensemble remains perpetually chic and well-suited to your distinct preferences.

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