Glow Party Outfit Guide: What to Wear and How to Shine

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Selecting your ensemble for a glow party can take you down several exciting path. This guide breaks down everything you need to know to elevate your experience.

Stepping into a glow party is like entering a world of vibrant colors and radiant energy. With neon lights illuminating the night, these events create a mesmerizing ambiance that invites you to embrace the extraordinary. To truly shine at a glow party, your choice of attire is essential.

Finding the perfect ensemble can transform you into a walking work of art under the ultraviolet glow, from fluorescent hues to luminescent accessories.

Whether you’re aiming for a subtle pop of color or a full-on neon extravaganza, navigating the realm of glow party fashion is an exciting journey that promises to set you aglow in the night’s dazzling aura.


For a glow party, opt for white or neon-colored clothing that will stand out under black lights.

Consider wearing glow-in-the-dark accessories, neon makeup, and comfortable sneakers or shoes that also have a glow or reflective element to embrace the vibrant and illuminated atmosphere of the event fully.

What Exactly Is a Glow Party?

A glow party is an event characterized by its vibrant and illuminated atmosphere, created by the use of neon and fluorescent colors, ultraviolet or black lights. Attendees at a glow party typically wear clothing and accessories in bright neon colors that glow under UV lights.

The UV lights cause these colors to fluoresce, creating a visually striking and dynamic effect. A glow party creates a unique and exciting environment where revelers can dance, socialize, and enjoy the luminous ambiance.

Glow parties offer a visually captivating experience that sets them apart from traditional parties.

Now that we’ve covered what exactly a glow party is, the next step is narrowing down what options are on the table for you to wear to the event!

Black light parties are a great way to experiment with outfits, colors, and neon paint, so get ready for some daring, bold ideas that align with the event’s mood. Below, we will give you all the right advice to ensure your clothing looks amazing!

So let’s get into it!

The first rule of dressing for a glow party is to throw the conventional out the window. What you think might work well and turn up in a glowing light will actually surprise you.

So if you can get hold of a UV flash light to test your clothing on before you go the party, that’s a good idea, especially if you were expecting something to light up but it doesn’t (and vice versa too).

The following are clothing to consider that meet the standard of a proper glow party:

Glow Party Outfit Ideas for Women

Outfit ThemeDescriptionClothing ItemsAccessoriesFootwear
Neon ChicVibrant neon colors with trendy stylesNeon dress or crop topNeon jewelry and glow accessoriesNeon sneakers or heels
Futuristic GlamMetallic and iridescent pieces for a futuristic lookMetallic jumpsuit or skirtMetallic headpiece and shimmering makeupShiny ankle boots or heels
Glow-in-the-Dark DivaBlack clothing that glows in the darkBlack leggings and topGlow-in-the-dark makeup and body paintPlatform sneakers or boots
EDM Festival VibesBright and bold festival-inspired lookSequined shorts and crop topLED jewelry and rave accessoriesComfortable sneakers or boots
Sparkling PrincessGlitter and sequins for a magical touchSparkly dress or romperSparkling tiara and wandSparkly flats or heels

Glow Party Outfit Ideas for Men

Outfit ThemeDescriptionClothing ItemsAccessoriesFootwear
Neon Street StyleUrban-inspired neon pieces for a cool street lookNeon hoodie and joggersNeon snapback and sunglassesNeon sneakers or high-tops
Electric RaverRave-inspired ensemble with bold colorsBright shorts and tank topLED accessories and braceletsHigh-energy sneakers or boots
Neon AthleisureComfortable and trendy athletic wearNeon track pants and teeNeon sweatbands and wristbandsAthletic sneakers or trainers
Glow WarriorFuturistic warrior vibes with LED elementsLED-accented jacket and pantsLED mask and glowing wrist cuffsHigh-tech sneakers or boots
Futuristic FutbolSoccer-inspired look with a futuristic twistNeon soccer jersey and shortsLED headband and wristbandsSoccer cleats or sneakers

Holo Clothing

Holographic garments are designed to mirror light and are an ideal choice for glow parties. If you’re aiming to truly make a statement at a blacklight event, holographic clothing is your best option.

These garments are purposefully crafted to reflect light, which aligns perfectly with the atmosphere of such parties. Holographic clothing is available in a diverse range of colors and styles.

Choosing something that offers comfort and freedom of movement is important. For a more relaxed look, consider pairing a holographic top with jeans or a skirt to create a playful and effortless outfit.

UV Light Reactive Clothing

For clothing that actually illuminates in dim lighting, invest in glow in the dark or UV light responsive garments.

These options include shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses designed to emit a luminous glow.

A great UV light reactive t-shirt brings an electric dynamic to a glow party.

Furthermore, its versatility extends beyond these parties to more regular and informal settings, making it a versatile wardrobe.

Anything White

White clothing is a surefire winner if you prefer a straightforward approach to your ensemble. White garments will effectively reflect the blacklight, producing an appealing glow.

Moreover, white is a vivid hue that complements various clothing styles.

The best part of wearing white is you won’t spend any money for a new top or dress – everyone has a white top or t-shirt conveniently available in their wardrobe.

Neon Clothing

Vibrant neon shades such as bright orange, green, white, pink, and purple will all radiate a glow under black light. You’ll discover a range of clothing options, including shirts, pants, skirts, and even dresses designed in these glorious, neon hues.

Choosing something that provides comfort is imperative, especially since you may be dancing and enjoying yourself throughout the night.

For the particularly daring, make a bold entrance in a full body suit, often referred to as a morph suit. This ensemble covers you entirely in neon from head to toe, although it might involve some compromise in terms of visibility and comfort.

Having such an outfit in your arsenal ensures you’re well-prepared for not only the next glow party, but any others afterwards!

The next phase is deciding whether you want to rock out in neon shorts, skirts, tights or fishnet leggings. Pretty much all these options will be available in some form of neon that is going to work great at the party.

Just think about whether you are comfortable or not and how it works with the rest of your outfit. Remember, some parts of your outfit are going to illuminate much better than others, but you can use this to your advantage too if you’re going for a certain look.


Don’t overlook the creative possibilities that are available to you through footwear. In fact, there are numerous fun tricks you can audition for a glow party. For instance, if you possess an older pair of sneakers, you can jazz them up by applying neon light-up paint to craft unique patterns.

This technique can yield fantastic results for the party. Or opt for a pair of crisp white sneakers or any bright-colored shoes as an excellent choice to elevate your glow party attire.


Glow JewelryNeon and glow-in-the-dark bracelets, necklaces, and rings
LED AccessoriesLED glasses, headbands, bracelets, and glowing masks
Body and Face PaintGlow-in-the-dark body paint and fluorescent makeup
Shiny and MetallicMetallic temporary tattoos, body stickers, and jewelry
Rave-inspired GearRave gloves, light-up poi, and glow sticks
Table: Glow Party Outfit Accessories

Body Paint

To make a striking impression at a glow party, consider adorning yourself with body paint or face paint. Available in an array of colors, this paint allows you to select your desired hue.

Designed to be vivid and attention-grabbing, this body paint will undoubtedly ensure you shine amidst the crowd. Moreover, its application is both safe and straightforward, enhancing your overall glow party experience.

Boas, Glasses and Necklaces

Additional elements to consider incorporating into your ensemble are neon glasses, necklaces, neon ties, and other jeweled items to adorn your head.

Neon boas are also a common sight and are a great way to get into the revelry of a glow party. Glow bracelets are a fantastic choice and you can craft some yourself. Simply acquire neon beads and elastic string, unleashing your creativity to fashion a unique piece.


To add a touch of luminosity to your nails, opt for glow in the dark nail polish. This type of polish can be found at your local beauty store, or you might explore neon press-on nails available online.

These small but very noticeable additions will undoubtedly enhance your overall glow party appearance.

Neon Wigs & Hats

Really get into the festivities by investing in a quality wig or actual hat that is brightly colored. Go for colors that are neon green or neon pink – even a plain white hat will look great!

Make sure you’re comfortable in the hat or wig though and don’t invest too much into them, as chances are, especially since it is a party, accessories can go missing.

Body Stickers

Neon body stickers offer a playful and clean substitute for body paint. The process is effortless – adhere them to your body and attire, and you’re ready to go!


A glow party is one event where you are encouraged to go against the grain of what you typically wear, so by all means, go for it! When selecting your attire for a glow, opt for outfits and fabrics that are either white or fluorescent. The more vibrant the neon shade, the higher the likelihood that it will glow.

Fluorescent hues like green, pink, yellow, and orange are the most reliable choices. Enhance your ensemble with playful neon accessories that glow in the dark, and complete your look with imaginative face paint.

In the captivating world of glow parties, your attire becomes a canvas for self-expression under the neon lights.

Embrace the neon splendor, because at a glow party, your clothing is not simply clothing – it’s a radiant extension of the festivities themselves.

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