Pablo Escobar Style Guide: Recreate His Signature Look

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Power can be measured by the gram, but when it comes to dressing like Pablo Escobar, we aim to go by the pound! Here, style tips to capture quintessential cartel fashion!

The Low-Key Style of Pablo Escobar

The most powerful and most infamous of all-time maintained a relaxed laidback approach in his hometown of Medellín, Colombia, where he was both revered and feared among the people. Over the course of his career, Pablo never indulged in extravagant attire, choosing instead lightweight suits and short-sleeved shirts that perfectly suited the sweltering climate of his native land.

Portrayed as a modern-day Robin Hood, he generously funded the establishment of hospitals, schools, churches, and housing in disadvantaged areas. Thus, Escobar presented himself as a champion of the people, adorned in uncomplicated yet stylish apparel.

However, duality reigned supreme with Escobar, and his understated and timeless wardrobe did not deter him from orchestrating one of history’s most intricate and perilous cocaine smuggling networks.

Recognized as one of the most infamous drug lords in modern history, Pablo Escobar is renowned for his flamboyant style and audacious fashion choices. To emulate a genuine kingpin look akin to Pablo Escobar’s, here are some pointers to assist you in capturing the essence of his attire.


To emulate Pablo Escobar’s style, consider his signature look from the TV series “Narcos.” Wear tailored suits in dark colors, preferably charcoal or black, with crisp white shirts and solid ties.

Add a mustache, aviator sunglasses, and a confident demeanor to complete the iconic drug lord’s aesthetic.

Curating Cartel Couture

Embedded in the 70s and 80s, the outfits of Pablo Escobar wore were imitated all over, first in South America and then worldwide as his cocaine empire expanded and entered the zeitgeist.

Clothing ItemDescriptionRecommendations
Patterned Hawaiian ShirtsIconic casual wearOpt for bold, colorful shirts with tropical patterns.
Tailored SuitsSleek and sophisticatedChoose well-fitted suits in neutral tones like gray.
Turtleneck SweatersDiscreet yet stylishIncorporate turtleneck sweaters for a classic touch.
Wide BeltsStatement accessoryWear wide belts with ornate buckles for an accent.
Classic Denim JeansRelaxed and timelessPair casual shirts with straight-cut denim jeans.
Table: Key Clothing Items for a Pablo Escobar-Inspired Look

Media coverage showed how Escobar styled himself, and here we provide a sartorial guide to assist mere mortals in pimping out their wardrobe like a cartel leader – without the drugs.


Pablo Escobar frequently donned jeans as a fundamental component of his attire, primarily influenced by practical considerations and prevailing fashion trends of his era. During the height of the Escobar regime, which predominantly encompassed the 1970s and 1980s, jeans enjoyed widespread popularity and became popular due to their versatility.

Given Escobar’s involvement in a variety of activities associated with his drug trade, he likely deemed jeans as comfortable and utilitarian for his daily undertakings.

Jeans exude an informal and inconspicuous appearance that can could have proven advantageous for someone like Escobar, who necessitated discreet navigation across an array of environments, whether urban or rural. Escobar style preference veered towards relaxed and carpenter-style jeans. What might have motivated this choice?

Relaxed jeans epitomize a laid-back and easygoing denim style that emphasizes freedom of movement and comfort. They strike a harmonious balance between fashion and ease, rendering them a favored selection for individuals who favor a more unconstrained and spacious fit in their denim.

Carpenter jeans constitute a specialized genre of workwear-inspired denim meticulously crafted for durability and functionality across various manual tasks.

Characterized by utilitarian attributes such as supplementary pockets, loops, and reinforced stitching, these jeans present a distinctive and exceptional choice for those who value both form and function in their sartorial preferences.

Flashy & Floral Shirts

Pablo’s penchant for flashy and floral shirts was well documented, and since he operated in Colombia, a country with a tropical climate, floral shirts were a suitable choice for the climate. Just as floral prints and vibrant patterns were in vogue during his reign, they have made a comeback and can be seen on men from all walks of life as casualwear or paired with blazers.

Wearing floral shirts could have been a way for him to stand out and maintain a unique and recognizable style, setting himself apart from others. If flashy worked for Escobar, it can work for you too!

Polo Shirts

Pablo Escobar’s penchant for polo shirts can be attributed to a combination of comfort, practicality, and the fashion trends of his time as this casualwear classic has set itself as a minimalist mainstay for men.

The appeal of polo shirts is clear as they strike a balance between casual and formal attire. Plus, polos offer a more refined and put-together appearance compared to regular T-shirts while still being comfortable.

Long associated with a certain level of success and sophistication, Escobar chose polo shirts as a way to convey an image of prosperity and influence.

Today, men still wear them to maintain an esteemed yet casual aesthetic.


More than any other type of apparel that he wore, Pablo Escobar made a name for himself worldwide for his penchant of wearing sweatshirts with the logos of some of the most famous brands emblazoned across the front of them.

Consistently wearing sweatshirts played a role in shaping Escobar’s individual brand and how the public perceived him. For those seeking to emulate this style, modern iterations of men’s clothing can be incorporated to update the 80s aesthetic.

Athleisurewear is a perfect angle for your sweatshirt, paired with fitted joggers for a laidback, casual look.

Camo Apparel

Pablo Escobar’s attraction to military colors could have been shaped by a combination of factors including symbolism and practicality. Military hues, encompassing various shades of green, brown, and camouflage motifs, frequently evoke connotations of power and authority.

Given Escobar’s elevated standing within the realm of drug trafficking and criminal activities, it’s plausible that he gravitated towards these shades to exude an aura of potency and mastery.

Additionally, he chose military camouflage to blend in with his surroundings.

Luckily for most men, wearing camo apparel is not about hiding away but bringing your personal sense of style to the forefront.

The Casual Cool of White Sneakers

Pablo Escobar’s preference for white sneakers could be attributed to a clean, timeless, and versatile appearance that can complement a wide range of outfits.

Escobar might have appreciated the simplicity and classic vibe they added to his overall look. White sneakers can be stylish without being overly flashy. For someone like Escobar, who might have needed to maintain a balance between appearing fashionable and not attracting excessive attention, white sneakers could have been a fitting choice.

Reportedly, Escobar owned more than 100 pairs of white sneakers, so they were an obvious preference for the cartel leader. Aside from their comfort, white sneakers add an understated elegance to an outfit and can be worn with just about anything.

For men who want to incorporate the look, consider white sneakers in an array of styles, and even some with colored accents to give your outfit even more bang for the buck.

Accessories and Styling

The Gold Rush

Pablo Escobar’s choice of accessories played a significant role in shaping his image and projecting his persona. Escobar often wore gold chains and watches, which were symbols of wealth and status. These accessories conveyed his affluence and reinforced his image as a powerful figure.

Panama HatIconic headwearWear a classic Panama hat for a sophisticated touch.
Gold ChainsFlashy and opulentAdd multiple gold chains for a luxurious look.
Aviator SunglassesVintage eyewearOpt for aviator-style sunglasses with dark lenses.
Luxury WatchesPrestigious timepiecesChoose high-end watches with gold or silver tones.
CufflinksSubtle and elegantWear discreet cufflinks to enhance your style.
Table: Accessories to Complete the Pablo Escobar Look

Escobar’s collection of rings, particularly large and ornate ones, added to his distinctive look. Rings can signify power, authority, and sometimes even allegiance to certain groups or causes.


Escobar was frequently seen wearing sunglasses, which not only protected his eyes but also added an air of mystery to his appearance. Men wanting to copy the look can opt for dark shades to create a sense of mystery and authority.


Escobar occasionally wore hats, including fedoras and baseball caps. Escobar wore hats as a way to enhance his image and project an air of sophistication and mystery, which men today can also take into consideration when creating their own iteration of his look.


While not an accessory, Escobar’s grooming choices, including his mustache and hair style, contributed to his recognizable image. Grooming can be considered an essential part of personal style and the beards and mustache styles of the late 70s and 80s have definitely come back in a big way.

Footwear Options for the Pablo Escobar Style

Footwear StyleDescriptionRecommendations
Classic LoafersTimeless and versatilePair suits or casual outfits with classic loafers.
Leather BootsRugged yet stylishOpt for leather boots for a confident look.
White SneakersCasual and trendyAdd white sneakers to complement casual ensembles.
Slip-On ShoesComfortable and stylishIncorporate slip-on shoes for a relaxed vibe.

Pablo’s Lasting Influence On Culture

Pablo Escobar’s fashion choices had a notable impact on society, reflecting his influence, image, and the cultural context of his time. While his impact was multifaceted, there is no denying his impact on fashion.

Due to his fashion as well as his public persona, Escobar became instantly recognizable and left a lasting imprint on popular culture. His choice of military colors, luxury brands, and certain accessories projected an image of power, wealth, and authority.

This contributed to shaping perceptions of what power and influence looked like in that context.

Escobar’s fashion choices influenced various subcultures, including fans and admirers who sought to emulate his style. This impact extended to streetwear culture and those who found his fashion appealing or provocative.

Was Pablo the epitome of athleisurewear chic before it even had a name? The debate will rage on for years to come, but today, men who appreciate the aesthetic have carte blanche to select pieces that take the look to the next level.

By embracing elevated casual clothing, the men of the current era can incorporate the best aspects of Escobar’s style for their own singular look.

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