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Make no mistake about it: Saul Goodman, the fictional character from the award-winning show Better Call Saul, is unlike any other person in the history of television.

His penchant for causing a ruckus with his voice also extends to his dress and for anyone looking to adopt this style, it goes without saying that you will have to be outside the conventional in order to portray the shady lawyer properly.


To dress like Saul Goodman, channel his unique lawyer style. Opt for bold and colorful suits with vibrant ties and pocket squares.

Add oversized aviator sunglasses, flashy jewelry, and a slicked-back hairstyle to capture his iconic look from TV shows “Breaking Bad” or “Better Call Saul.”

The Singular Style of Saul

Admiration tends to gravitate towards those who emerge victorious, and despite the fact that Saul Goodman (known also as James McGill, Slippin’ Jimmy, and Gene) doesn’t consistently end up as the ultimate victor, he consistently presents himself in attire that exudes intellectual prowess.

This strategic choice serves him well, particularly during his court appearances as a personal injury lawyer. Emulating Saul’s fashion sense while infusing it with your own personality can grant you access to this look.

Understanding Saul’s preferred clothing styles lets you curate outfits that broadcast your winning aura.

Clothing ItemDescriptionRecommendations
Bright Colored SuitBold and eye-catching suitsOpt for suits in vibrant colors like orange or teal.
Patterned ShirtsLoud and eccentric patternsChoose shirts with paisley, stripes, or geometric prints.
Wide Lapel JacketsDistinctive lapel stylesLook for jackets with wide peak lapels for a unique look.
Bold TiesFlashy tie designsSelect ties with bold patterns, colors, and textures.
Pocket SquaresVibrant and contrasting squaresPair pocket squares that contrast with your suit colors.
Table: Essential Clothing Items for a Saul Goodman-Inspired Look

Saul Goodman is a man seemingly immersed in moxie, and his distinctive quick-wittedness and inventive flair goes hand in hand with his audacious and vibrant fashion choices. Across each season, fans of the series have witnessed the style transformation of what may be one of the greatest characters to ever grace the small screen.

Die-hard fans who want to emulate his style have come to the right place! Here, we cover Saul’s style evolution and in the process break down everything you need to know in order to look good, man!

Bring On the Bold Blazers!

Fans of Better Call Saul might find it surprising that many of Saul’s jackets bear a resemblance to those he wore during his earlier days as Jimmy McGill.

Among the types of jackets Saul is known for wearing, double-breasted sport coats are the most common. His extensive collection includes variations in black, black pinstripe, gray pinstripe, gray textured, and beige checkered, among others. These are bold choices that ensure that wherever he goes, he is noticed, so if you adopt this style, get ready for eyes to be on you!

Attorneys are known for their preference for suits, and Saul Goodman also wears them, but with several caveats.

When meeting with clients, he almost invariably dons a suit jacket—a practice that persisted from his days as James McGill to his later identity as Saul Goodman, the unscrupulous lawyer who employs any means necessary to secure victories for his clients.

Typically, he veers towards a dark-colored, double-breasted suit jacket. However, he occasionally ventures into lighter colors and patterns. Notable examples include a gray pinstriped jacket, a gray textured jacket, and even a beige checkered jacket.

For men who find themselves drawn to Goodman’s style, starting with a black or dark gray, a double-breasted suit coat is advisable. As your confidence in color coordination grows, you can progressively introduce lighter coats and jackets with patterns to diversify your wardrobe.

Sorting Saul’s Shirts

When it comes to Saul’s assortment of shirts?


Arguably, the most vibrant and liveliest items within Saul’s wardrobe are his shirts. Over the course of the series, he can be seen sporting a multitude of button-down dress shirts in a diverse array of colors. Men looking to adopt this style should understand the essential role of shirts in emulating the Goodman signature style.

It’s worth noting that the spectrum extends beyond primary colors and anyone that knows the series innately understands that when it comes to hues, Saul has no fear!

His repertoire includes shades like fuchsia, orange, lime green, mint green, and light blue. No matter the specific color, as long as your suit jacket maintains a dark hue, any of these tones will inject a burst of vibrancy into any setting.

Sporting bold shirts beneath suit jackets offers a dynamic way for men to infuse their attire with personality and panache. The interplay between a vibrant, eye-catching shirt and a refined, dark suit jacket creates a captivating contrast that exudes confidence and individuality.

Bold shirts serve as a canvas for self-expression, allowing men to showcase their unique style sensibilities professionally yet distinctly.

Such a choice breaks away from the traditional monotony of formal wear and communicates a sense of creativity and daring.

Embracing bold shirts beneath suit jackets showcases a man’s willingness to embrace fashion as an extension of his identity, making a memorable statement that captures attention and sets him apart in any setting.

If Saul can pull it off, then there’s no reason why you can’t too!

The Power of Pants

Due to Saul’s exceptionally extravagant fashion sense, he has been observed donning a variety of pants in diverse styles and colors. Opting for flamboyant pants can be a liberating and empowering choice for men seeking to break free from conventional fashion norms. These bold and vibrant trousers provide a unique opportunity to express individuality and inject a sense of excitement into one’s wardrobe.

These pants can instantly transform an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, making a bold fashion statement that exudes creativity and fearlessness. Whether it’s through vibrant colors, intricate patterns, or unconventional designs, flamboyant pants allow a man to communicate his personality and sense of adventure through his attire.

When wearing audacious trousers, Saul is telling the world he is a rebel, which is a testament to his willingness to challenge sartorial norms. Men that want to adopt this look are trendsetters and carry an air of assuredness that is undeniable.

A Man’s Right to Shoes

Saul Goodman’s choice of footwear appears subdued when contrasted with his vibrant shirts and ties. Typically, his pants are in sync with his suit jacket, occasionally deviating slightly in shade to complement the ensemble.

The outfit is elegantly completed with a pair of classic black leather loafers, a versatile option that effortlessly complements everything from the suit jacket to the lively shirts and bold ties.

A pair of brown leather boots are also a nice touch to add to your wardrobe that provides you more options with your choice of suits.

Footwear StyleDescriptionRecommendations
Two-Tone OxfordsClassic with a twistChoose oxfords with two-tone color combinations.
Embellished LoafersOrnate and decorativeOpt for loafers with intricate designs and details.
Pointed-Toe BootsEdgy and stylishWear pointed-toe boots with your bold outfits.
Colorful SneakersVibrant and attention-grabbingAdd a pop of color with bright sneakers.
Patterned SocksFun and patternedWear patterned socks that match your overall look.
Table: Footwear Options for the Saul Goodman Style


Ties are where Saul’s outfits truly shine as his collection of ties is characterized by an eclectic and audacious nature. It’s a rarity to spot Goodman wearing a subdued tie in muted tones. Instead, his preference tends toward ties that boldly contrast with his shirts, often opting for colors that are the polar opposite of his shirt’s hue.

As an example, if he dons a green shirt, he might pair it with a purple tie. Similarly, when his shirt is blue, he might opt for a yellow tie. At times, he even chooses a tie in a neighboring color to his shirt, creating an eye-catching contrast that might appear unconventional but is undeniably impactful.

These unexpected pairings can include combinations like a purple tie with an electric blue shirt or a tie with a red shirt.

Goodman’s ties are predominantly adorned with diagonal stripes, which are either in a color that matches his shirt or in a complementary shade that harmonizes with both the tie and the shirt. The outcome is remarkably striking, perfectly reflecting Saul’s vibrant personality.

So, if Saul’s style inspires you, don’t hesitate to adopt his penchant for attention-grabbing ties and let your own colorful character shine through.

What Other Accessories Does Saul Goodman Use?


Wearing exquisite cufflinks with bold suits is a testament to a man’s commitment to refined and distinguished style, and if anyone was dedicated to an aesthetic, it is Saul Goodman!

These small yet impactful accessories serve as the finishing touch that elevates the overall look from ordinary to extraordinary. By choosing intricate and well-crafted cufflinks, a man demonstrates his attention to detail and his appreciation for the finer aspects of fashion.

So, if you’re going to dress to the 9s, take it to a 10 with some nice cuff links as an ode to Saul Goodman!


Hats serve as striking focal points that capture attention and create a unique style statement, and so it is only fitting that Saul takes his hat collection seriously.

With his assortment of hats, Saul infuses his outfit with energy and personality, setting himself apart from a sea of conventional suits around him. Wearing vibrant hats with suits is a symbol of embracing one’s unique style, demonstrating a keen eye for fashion and a desire to stand out in a crowd.

Final Considerations

Get ready to embrace vibrant hues and thinking outside the sartorial box. Just as Walter White’s journey transformed him from a reserved individual with an ordinary wardrobe, Jimmy McGill embraced a larger-than-life approach when he became Goodman. Opt for striking and commanding colors like vivid reds, deep blues, and flashy yellows.

Though Saul Goodman’s clients may not always operate within strict ethical boundaries and his own moral compass might be debated, his sense of style is unquestionable. Feel free to adopt his distinctive look, aiming for victory as you do so! With these tips, you are well on your way to locking down a unique look!

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