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How To Wear a Shirt Over Dress featured image by the supermelon

How to Rock the Shirt Over Dress Trend: Style Guide

If you’ve ever stared at your wardrobe, wondering how to create a fresh and fashionable look, using a dress and ...

Flight Attendant Interview featured image by the supermelon

Dressing Right for a Flight Attendant Interview: Sky-High Style

Ready to fly the friendly skies? With the right clothes for you flight attendant interview, the opportunity may be yours! ...

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Sweater Dress Pairing with Ankle Boots Made Easy

It’s that time of year for the classic sweater dresses paired with ankle boots combination, a top choice that works ...

How to Wear An Infinity Dress featured image by the supermelon

Mastering How to Wear an Infinity Dress: Endless Style

Whether you have a preference for a halter or a strapless neckline, cap or batwing sleeves, one shoulder or off-the-shoulder ...

What To Wear To A Luncheon featured image by the supermelon

Luncheon Outfit Inspiration: For a Stylish and Elegant Look

Today, it’s customary to have lunch in the middle of the day, but many people don’t know where this custom ...

How to Accessorize A One Shoulder Dress featured image by the supermelon

Accessorizing a One-Shoulder Dress: Fashion Inspiration

Ready to break free from the style rut? It’s time to tackle the challenge of spicing up your one-shoulder dress ...

What To Wear To A Steakhouse featured image by the supermelon

Steakhouse Outfit Ideas: Dressing for a Night of Fine Dining

Selecting appropriate attire for a restaurant outing, particularly a steakhouse, involves considering numerous factors that set it apart from other ...

What to wear to pottery class featured image by the supermelon

Pottery Class Outfit Ideas: Fashionable & Functional

Pottery seems to be exceedingly enjoyed because of its playful and soothing activity, drawing in a lot of enthusiastic individuals ...

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Choosing Shoes for Cargo Pants: From Casual to Stylish

Cargo pants are on the rise again in fashion and it indeed leaves an impression. Their popularity speaks volumes of ...

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Go-To Styles for a Dinner or Night Out with Friends

Time for a night out or dinner with your friends? Do not worry, I got you!  If you want to ...