How to Rock the Shirt Over Dress Trend: Style Guide

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If you’ve ever stared at your wardrobe, wondering how to create a fresh and fashionable look, using a dress and a shirt, we’ve got the answer. 

This versatile trend can instantly transform your outfit, but mastering it requires some know-how. If pairing a shirt with a dress seems confusing or you’re unsure about nailing the right balance, fret not! We’ll guide you through the art of layering with style and ease. Say goodbye to wardrobe dilemmas and hello to a chic fusion of comfort and sophistication. 

Say farewell to uninspired outfits – we’re here to help you conquer the art of flawlessly wearing a shirt over a dress. 


To wear a shirt over a dress stylishly, choose a dress with a simple silhouette that pairs well with the shirt’s style.

Layer a button-up shirt or a lightweight sweater over the dress, leaving the shirt unbuttoned or partially unbuttoned for a chic look.

You can cinch the waist with a belt to add definition and complete the outfit with accessories like boots or sneakers, depending on the desired level of formality.

10 Styles you can pull off by wearing a shirt over a dress 

Start with a dress, add a shirt, and voila – you’ve unlocked a world of fashion possibilities! Discover the magic of layering as we present ten unique styles you can effortlessly achieve by wearing a shirt over a dress.

Dress TypeDescription
A-Line DressPair with a fitted button-down shirt for a classic look.
Maxi DressLayer a denim or chambray shirt for a boho-inspired style.
Sheath DressAdd a cropped blouse or shirt for a modern and chic ensemble.
Wrap DressPair with a tailored blouse for a sophisticated appearance.
SundressLayer a simple t-shirt or tank top underneath for a casual vibe.
Table: Types of Dresses That Pair Well With Shirts

From casual cool to elegantly edgy, let your creativity run wild and transform your wardrobe into a playground of chic combinations. 

Style #1

Achieve effortless chic by layering an Oversized Poplin Shirt in crisp white over a snug Ribbed Tank Vest Top in classic black.

Elevate the ensemble with women’s light blue denim shorts, striking the perfect balance between comfort and style. This fusion of casual and refined creates a dynamic outfit that exudes confidence and fashion-forward flair. 

Style #2

To effortlessly rock this trend, pair your Textured-Weave Maxi Dress in Pink with a classic Striped Button-Down Dad Shirt in blue.

Leave a few buttons undone and knot the front for a laid-back vibe. The contrast of the structured shirt with the flowy dress adds a chic touch.

Complete the look with some casual sneakers or sandals, and you’ll exude a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. 

Style #3

To effortlessly achieve the shirt-over-dress look, pair a Lemon Meringue long-sleeved blouse with a Women’s Black Loose-fit Strap Silk-satin Mini Dress.

Button up the blouse, leaving the last few buttons open for a layered effect. Allow the sleeves of the blouse to extend slightly beyond the dress straps.

Finish with minimal accessories and let the contrasting colors and textures create a chic ensemble that balances sophistication and playfulness. 

Style #4

Combine sophistication and charm by layering the Ruffles Balloon Pullover in white over the Women’s Blue Faye Tiered Crepon Midi Dress.

Let the dress’s tiers create an elegant base, complemented by the pullover’s graceful balloon sleeves.

Embrace a fusion of textures and tones for an effortlessly stylish ensemble that balances casual and chic. Finish with subtle accessories to accentuate this trendy layered look. 

Style #5 

So, here’s how you can rock that stylish combo: Start by buttoning up the Benjamin Striped Oversize Shirt in Red, but leave the last few buttons open for a relaxed vibe.

Slip into the Trendyol Parachute Jeans for that perfect mix of comfy and chic. Now, just tuck a corner of the shirt into the jeans, creating a subtle asymmetry.

Roll up the sleeves casually and voila! You’ve effortlessly nailed the “shirt over dress” look with a dash of flair and a pinch of attitude. 

Style #6

Take your stunning Zara Blue Dress and slip it on. Now, grab that Exceeded My Expectations Korean Shirt in white – trust me, it’s a game-changer.

Unbutton it halfway and let it drape effortlessly over your dress. Knot the shirt at your waist for a touch of flair.

You’ve just transformed your outfit into a chic ensemble that’s casually classy and oh-so-Korean-fashion-inspired!  

Style #7

Yes, you can totally rock that combo! Start by putting on your Gaia Lilac – its relaxed bodice and asymmetrical skirt are perfect for this style.

Then, grab your Oversized Poplin Shirt in light pink stripes. Leave it unbuttoned and tie a knot at your waist for a chic touch.

Let the asymmetry of the skirt peek out for an effortless yet stylish contrast.

Style #8 

Slip into your radiant yellow Mock Neck Tank Dress. Then, grab that crisp Oversized Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt in white.

Leave a couple of buttons undone and let it flow casually over your dress – think laid-back chic. Knot the ends for an extra flair or let them drape for a breezy vibe.

Voila! Effortlessly cool and ready to turn heads.  

Style #9

The Relaxed Cotton Shirt and the Women’s Blue Bevin Satin Dress together open up a world of versatile fashion.

The combination offers a unique blend of comfort and elegance. From a casual layered appearance to a sophisticated knot or belt, these 12 creative styles effortlessly showcase your personal flair.  

Style #10

Imagine you’ve got this super cute Halter Bodycon Knitted Backless Dress in your closet and you’re wondering how to switch up its vibe.

Well, guess what? You can totally rock that dress with a Maggy Corduroy Shirt in a soft baby pink shade!

Just slip on the dress as usual and leave the top buttons of the corduroy shirt open. Knot the ends of the shirt at your waist to add a chic touch and let the backless dress peek through.

It’s the perfect blend of cute and casual, giving your dress a fresh twist while staying comfy and stylish. Go on and own that look!

Dos and Don’ts for Layering a Shirt Over a Dress

Do experiment with different shirt lengths and dress styles for versatility.Don’t layer a bulky shirt over a flowy maxi dress; it can look overwhelming.
Do consider fabric textures and patterns for an interesting contrast.Don’t overcomplicate the look with too many layers; keep it balanced.
Do accessorize to complete your outfit, such as belts or statement jewelry.Don’t pair a formal shirt with a super casual dress; aim for complementary styles.
Do use layering to adapt your dress for different seasons and occasions.Don’t neglect proportion; ensure the shirt complements the dress silhouette.

Wrapping it Up! 

With these foolproof styling suggestions, you’re all set to ace the shirt-over-dress look! No need for fashion runway nerves – we’ve got you covered.

Just cinch the deal with a well-chosen accessory – think a sleek belt or striking earrings – to add that extra oomph to your ensemble.

Confidence is key as you step out in style. For the guys, effortlessly nail the casual-cool vibe by pairing your favourite shirt with relaxed chinos and clean sneakers – a winning combination every time.

Ladies, embrace the borrowed-from-the-boys chic by rocking a shirt dress, comfy sneakers, and a statement necklace that guarantees a standout look.

Now, there’s no room for uncertainty. You’re geared up to take on any setting with your unique spin on this trend.

Whether you’re hitting the streets or owning social gatherings, your shirt-over-dress outfit, combined with those intentional accessories, is your undeniable style seal.

So, relax, radiate confidence, and let your shirt-over-dress fusion- showcase your style prowess without a doubt!

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