Janell Santos, is a dedicated 21-year-old communication student hailing from the vibrant landscapes of the Philippines. Since the inception of her educational journey, the art of writing has been a steadfast companion, intricately intertwined with her fascination for the realm of fashion. As she navigates through her academic pursuits, her trajectory aligns seamlessly with the rhythm of style and the depth of self-expression.

Guided by unyielding aspirations, Janell is propelled by a resolute determination to chart a course as a fashion journalist. Her path entails weaving narratives through the very fabrics that enrobe our lives, skillfully capturing the ephemeral yet profound essence of fleeting moments.

Beyond the fusion of words and threads, her pursuit extends to crafting narratives that resonate on a global scale, forging connections with individuals across the world.

This journey has culminated in her discovery of The Supermelon, a captivating realm where her ambitions find fertile ground.

About The Supermelon

The Supermelon is an online publication that showcases the latest reports and recommendations on global style, shopping, arts, and trends. Content is carefully selected and edited, thus able to give readers “a fresh perspective” in a savvy and nuanced way. TSM is like having a close in-the-know friend who tells you all of the latest things worth knowing.

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