Something in the Water Music Festival: Essential Style Guide

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An event as distinct as the Water Music Festival mandates the curation of style that speaks to your personality and joie de vivre!

Once the music festival season comes into full swing, it brings with it a vibrant fusion of music, art, and culture.

These electrifying events offer a unique opportunity to express your style in a creative and festive manner. Crafting the perfect outfit for a music festival involves striking a balance between comfort, flair, and adaptability.

Something in the Water, a music festival founded by the renowned producer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, takes place annually in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The event showcases a diverse lineup of musical acts spanning various genres and has become one of the most beloved festivals by music fans worldwide. Beyond the music, Something in the Water is also known for being a hotbed of elevated fashion, where attendees take fashion in all directions.


For the Something in the Water Music Festival, embrace a beachy and relaxed vibe. Opt for comfortable yet stylish essentials like flowy sundresses, lightweight shirts, shorts, comfortable sneakers or sandals, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses.

Don’t forget sunscreen and a crossbody bag to keep your belongings secure while enjoying the festival.

This versatile style guide caters to various genders, ensuring you’re ready to groove to the music in a fashionable way.

Music and Fashion Converge

Curating your festival ensemble is an art in itself, with Something in the Water encouraging guests to get into the groove of the music and feel inspired by the musical landscape surrounding them. Your attire carries just as much weight in creating a memorable experience.

While festivals like Something in the Water are well-known for embracing experimental fashion, practicality is also key since music festivals require a fair amount of physical activity. You’ll be on your feet throughout, traversing the festival grounds and grooving to your favorite artists.

These suggestions encompass approaches to dressing for lasting comfort throughout the festival’s activities, along with providing imaginative style ideas to explore. By merging these two elements, you’ll achieve a polished appearance and be fully prepared to immerse yourself in the sensational musical experience!

Festival VibeMen’s Outfit IdeasWomen’s Outfit Ideas
Boho ChicFlowy shirt, ripped jeansMaxi dress, floppy hat
Urban StreetGraphic tee, cargo pantsCrop top, high-waisted shorts
Retro RevivalVintage band tee, high-top sneakersDenim skirt, retro blouse
Indie VibesDenim jacket, rolled-up chinosOveralls, tucked-in graphic tee
Table: Festival Outfit Ideas

Festival Style Watch: Women’s Edition

When considering what to wear for a music festival, finding the perfect equilibrium between stylish elegance and functional comfort is essential for women. Whether you’re drawn to bohemian charm or modern flair, the festival grounds transform into your personal catwalk, allowing you to curate ensembles that mirror your distinct identity. The following are some fashion ideas tailored specifically for the exciting journey of a music festival.

Denim Shorts

Classic and comfortable, denim shorts presents a pragmatic and fashionable answer to your outfit quandaries. This style of shorts proves to be an ideal choice for numerous festivals and tends to resonate well with fellow attendees.

Because of their durability and versatility, denim shorts can be paired with just about anything from tank tops and camisoles, to bikini tops and statement tees.

Packing denim shorts for even an outdoor festival is smart, since many feature thigh-length hems to ensure a secure fit and prevent any unwanted exposure.

Mini Skirts

Sexy is as sexy does and mini skirts are a versatile option that you can mix and match with different items and accentuate your curves.

A black mini skirt is a classic piece that works well with both denim and cotton t-shirts. Pair a mini skirt in a variety of ways to create a cool look in line with an event of this caliber.

Cami Tops

There are a few essential pieces of clothing to pack for a music festival. If you are planning on attending an outdoor concert, the cami top is a must-have.

Women attending a music festival should avoid carrying purses, as it will slow down the security lines. If you have a small purse, consider wearing a different type of top or have your partner carry it for you.

Leather Belts

Leather belts aren’t exclusively reserved for men – women can effortlessly pull off this accessory too! Incorporating a leather belt to your look will give it an individualistic flair and help you stand out even at a crowded music festival like Something in the Water!

Get Booted!

Boots are not just made for walking, but also dancing, so keep that in mind when heading off to Something in the Water.

Consider Chelsea boots or for a bit more flair, cowgirl boots. Break them in before the day of the festival and you can pair them with just about anything, including a cowboy hat, if you’re truly feeling yourself.

Festival Style Watch: Men’s Edition

For men venturing to Something in the Water, fashion takes on a whole new rhythm and it is encouraged to stay on the beat! The festival grounds offer an arena to showcase your personal style amidst a celebratory crowd and vibrant energy. From laid-back cool to avant-garde edge, the following considerations serve as fashion inspiration tailored to the electrifying experience of a live music festival.

Do Up the Denim!

There is no more reliable festival attire than denim, which can be worn numerous times and looks great in a variety of colors.

For Something in the Water, opt for some colors beyond blue, with white, red, yellow popular tones to consider. Black denim pants are an obvious choice, as it goes with most colors and can be styled in a variety of ways.

Ripped and shredded denim can be paired with an assortment of other colors and are definite attention grabbers. If you are looking for something a little more trendy, you can also try a denim jumpsuit or even overalls.

Cargo Shorts

No music festival wardrobe is complete without a pair of comfortable, stylish shorts, and cargo shorts are synonymous for comfort as well as versatility.

Cargo shorts are a popular choice, with many pockets for entry tickets and other essential items needed at a music festival. Pair them with a tank top, polo, or short-sleeve button down and sandals for the ultimate look in casual, cool confidence.

Harem Pants

Harem pants come in a variety of styles and are the perfect addition to a music festival and they offer men more range of motion than most types of clothing.

If you plan to wear them to a music festival, pair your harem pants with a tank top or statement tee. These pants are very comfortable, and you can easily adjust their length to fit your body.

Jean Shorts

Jean shorts deliver elevated comfort, a vital attribute for the dynamic energy to be expected at Something in the Water, where constant dancing, mobility, and exploration are the norm.

As an iconic festival essential, jean shorts harmoniously merge style, practicality, and comfort, forming a solid choice for any music festival journey.


T-shirts offer unrivaled comfort, breathability, and unrestricted movement, and are thus perfectly tailored for Something in the Water. T-shirts allow men to express their individuality while keeping cool amidst the festivities.

With various designs and options available, t-shirts are the perfect canvas for embracing the festival vibe and enjoying the experience to the fullest. Make a statement or hype up your favorite music act across the front of your t-shirt and get in the spirit of the music festival!

Tank Tops

While men’s festival fashion is usually limited to tank tops and shorts, there are ways to dress up this classic piece and give it a new twist. For one thing, tank tops are lightweight and breathable, which makes them perfect for a music festival.

If you want to make your tank top stand out, consider investing in a good pair of colorful shorts or pants to complement them.

The best thing about tank tops is that they are easy to customize, so if you want to make your tank top a true original, you can try DIY projects or shop for unique items online.


Athleisurewear is popular because of how comfortable and adaptable it is, making it a no-brainer for an event like Something in the Water.

Joggers with an elastic waist should come with a tapered shape and be made from light materials. Pair them with a graphic tee and you’re ready for a day of superb music!

Festival Accessories and Essentials

Festival VibeAccessories and Essentials for MenAccessories and Essentials for Women
Sun ProtectionWide-brimmed hat, sunglassesOversized sunglasses, floppy hat
Hands-Free BagsCrossbody bag, utility beltCrossbody bag, fanny pack
Statement JewelryBracelet stack, pendant necklaceLayered necklaces, statement earrings
Hydration Must-HavesReusable water bottle, face mistReusable water bottle, facial mist

Hairstyles for Festival Vibes

Festival VibeMen’s Hairstyle IdeasWomen’s Hairstyle Ideas
Effortless WavesMessy beach hair, textured lookBeachy waves, tousled hair
Hipster TopknotMan bun, undercutMessy bun, boho topknot
Bold ColorsNeon streaks, temporary hair dyeColored highlights, temporary dye
Accessorized LocksBandana wrap, headbandFloral crown, headscarf

Dress How You Want To Dress

There’s no right or wrong way to dress for a music festival, and your objective should be to enjoy the live music, embrace the crowd around you, and catch as many great vibes as possible. 

The suggestions mentioned include ideas that align with festival fashion and are popular selections. You have the option to use them as a starting point or simply as style inspirations to create your own unique outfit.

The primary objective should be to comfortable and expresses your unique awesomeness. Once that has been met, all that’s left is to own it and enjoy Something in the Water!

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