Rip Wheeler Inspired Outfits: Master the Yellowstone Look

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Men searching for the right items to capture the spirit of John Dutton’s right-hand man have come to the right place!

The actions of Rip Wheeler in the popular TV series Yellowstone have provided inspiration to the majority of its viewers.

Rip Wheeler, portrayed by Cole Hauser on the hit show, epitomizes a remarkable sense of coolness, and his embodiment of the role has contributed to why Rip is held in such high regard.

A significant aspect of his appeal is his authentic ranch style that resonates perfectly with audiences worldwide.


To dress like Rip Wheeler, a character from the TV show “Yellowstone,” go for a rugged and western-inspired look.

Wear well-fitted jeans, a plaid button-up shirt, a leather jacket, and cowboy boots.

Accessorize with a belt buckle, a cowboy hat, and a tough attitude to complete the rugged cowboy style.

How To Dress Like Rip Wheeler?

Rip is characterized as straightforward and resolute – a rugged, no-nonsense type of man. He embodies simplicity and requires little – a quality that is well-reflected in his choice of attire.

The captivating charm of the Rip Wheeler character on the television series Yellowstone has led him to become a beloved figure among viewers.

Style ElementDescription
Leather JacketsRip often wears rugged leather jackets that add a tough and masculine edge to his look.
Plaid ShirtsHe frequently sports plaid shirts, usually in darker tones, which contribute to his cowboy aesthetic.
Denim JeansRip’s attire often includes well-fitted denim jeans, typically in dark washes for a rugged look.
Cowboy BootsHe completes his outfit with sturdy cowboy boots, a staple of his Western-inspired wardrobe.
Minimal AccessoriesRip keeps his accessories simple, often wearing a watch and a simple belt buckle.
Table: Key Elements of Rip Wheeler’s Style

The character’s wardrobe choices have further solidified his popularity, capturing the admiration of countless fans around the world.

For those excited with the idea of emulating Rip’s style, you’re in luck as we have compiled a selection of items that will assist you in mirroring the appearance of John Dutton’s indispensable right-hand man – both during ranch duties and in other settings.

Our assortment includes the finest pieces of clothing to help you achieve the laidback, yet sophisticated style of Rip Wheeler.

Below, we present a comprehensive breakdown of the essential elements required to successfully recreate Rip’s iconic style!


Cotton Jackets

Image number 1 showing, Twill Utility Jacket for Men

This cotton twill jacket infuses color and utility into a man’s look.

An indispensable element to achieving the Rip Wheeler aesthetic is the cotton jacket featuring a collar reminiscent of a shirt style. This particular garment is a constant presence in his wardrobe throughout the series, frequently donned during his ranch duties. The choice of a black hue lends it a touch of edginess, while the cotton composition guarantees that its comfort will only enhance with time.

To emulate Rip’s distinctive style, your starting point should involve sourcing a black cotton jacket that faithfully mirrors his on-screen attire. Look for a design furnished with button closures, a zipper, button cuffs, a chest pocket secured with a button, and a collar.

You might even consider incorporating the ranch’s logo onto the jacket’s chest area for an added authenticity in line with the show.

Opting for a superior quality cotton fabric guarantees unparalleled comfort throughout extended winter wear.

Leather Jackets

Rip has an easy style to emulate, yet even he understands the power of slightly switching up a look, which is when the addition of a leather jacket comes into play.

Sporting a stand-up collar, Rip infuses this style with a touch of ranch edginess, yet it undeniably holds its own as a fashionable choice, irrespective of whether you’re aiming to channel the essence of Yellowstone.

Ensuring you opt for genuine leather is imperative, as it guarantees both longevity and durability. Underneath, you can layer a black or brown leather jacket with a t-shirt or hoodie for a contemporary aesthetic, or wear an iconic button-up shirt if you truly wish to emulate the vibe of stepping off Dutton Ranch as seen on the television series.

An exquisite suede leather jacket of unparalleled quality establishes itself as an essential wardrobe element that will remain a faithful companion over the years – a truly worthwhile investment.

Pairing a black suede leather jacket with a black button-up shirt, blue denim jeans, and accentuating the ensemble with a brown hat and leather boots delivers a distinctive style statement that’s sure to ignite a sense of enthusiasm in social gatherings.

Dark TonesRip’s wardrobe features a lot of dark colors like black, deep browns, and dark blues.
Earthy TonesHe’s often seen in earthy tones such as olive green and rustic red, giving a rugged feel.
Neutral ShadesRip opts for neutrals like gray and white for a versatile base to his outfits.
Table: Rip Wheeler’s Color Palette


Black Button-Up Shirt

Up next on the list are the black button-up shirts Rip is known for regularly wearing. A cowboy cut, long sleeve version in the Western style is a good option.

The color black has its charm, and when it comes to buttoned shirts, this hue takes it to the next level, and it is the perfect style for both casual and formal events.

Along with the button-up closure, the shirt should include two button pockets on the chest to effectively imitate Rip’s style. 

The buttoned cuffs are a key component of this look as it has been a classic western style worn for years and is timeless. You can pair this shirt underneath a jacket and wrap up your style with brown cowboy boots and jeans.

You want to emulate the ranch life in Montana effortlessly? Then try wearing this shirt with cowboy boots and jeans. You’ll look as authentic as Rip. Add a cowboy hat and you are ready for the great outdoors!

Denim Shirt

Rip Wheeler has introduced the denim shirt style and no cowboy outfit will be complete without a pair of trustworthy and durable denim jeans. The denim shirt can easily be styled with a signature leather jacket, a black hat, blue jeans, and brown leather boots.

Full-length sleeves are necessary to wear under your favorite outerwear but we recommend pairing it with a black jacket and black hat. That way, the blue is toned down while also providing you a pop of color to elevate your overall look.

Cowboy Hat

In an impressive feat, Rip effortlessly exudes an edgy aura while donning an all-black ensemble, managing to steer clear of the rugged appearance often associated with bikers.

A cowboy hat is an essential element to dressing like Rip Wheeler, and aside from that a cowboy hat is suitable for both ranch activities and other occasions.

This makes it a reliable investment that guarantees extensive utility. In terms of fashion, Rip consistently adorns himself in all-black ensembles that radiate a stunning appeal that many men have been eager to emulate. 

Wheeler’s iconic brown felt hat is an infrequent sight on the show, yet it remains integral to his signature look. It’s worth noting that a higher X rating for these hats denotes a superior quality, underscoring the significance of this accessory in elevating his appearance.

And if you’re looking to copy Rip Wheeler’s aesthetic, a cowboy hat is necessary!

Belt Buckle

To emulate Rip’s style, wear a combination of jeans secured by a silver belt buckle, classic cowboy boots, and a black button-up shirt.

Throughout Yellowstone, this ensemble is consistently his signature look. Therefore, if your aim is to capture his essence, a belt buckle style becomes a mandatory addition.

After all, can one truly embody a cowboy aesthetic without pairing jeans, cowboy boots, and a silver belt buckle?

As evidenced by Rip’s consistent choice, this ensemble is pivotal in transitioning from a mere jeans-clad appearance to truly emanating a profound connection to the ranch lifestyle and land labor.

Whether you’ve earned your buckle through rodeo triumphs or you adore cowboy fashion, this seemingly minor accessory serves as the extra touch that propels your Rip-inspired wardrobe to the next level.

Cowboy Boots

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Square-toe boots offer comfort as well as impeccable design.

Within the series, Rip consistently is seen wearing square-toe cowboy boots, making this the subsequent focal point to effectively mirror his aesthetic.

To achieve an authentic replication, opt for square-toe boots designed for comfort, characterized by a distressed leather finish. Selecting a pair with versatility for all weather conditions proves advantageous, ensuring they remain suitable whether faced with rain or sunshine.

Moreover, prioritize boots featuring an ergonomic and lightweight construction as they will protect your feet from undue fatigue.


Moving down our list, the next crucial element is a pair of sunglasses that Rip frequently wears. When embarking on the search for sunglasses, prioritize those that boast versatility, elegance, and a streamlined appearance.

Opting for a pair that seamlessly complements an array of outfits will undoubtedly prove your best bet in maximizing your eyewear investment.

In terms of design and fashion, an ideal choice would incorporate a classic retro aesthetic infused with contemporary flair.

For those operating within a suitable budget, investing in sunglasses featuring crystal lenses and resilient metal frames stands as the epitome of durability. This selection ensures that your sunglasses remain a steadfast and enduring accessory for the long haul.

Tips for Achieving Rip Wheeler’s Style

Styling TipsDescription
Embrace LeatherIncorporate leather jackets, belts, and boots into your outfits.
Plaid PatternsAdd plaid shirts for a Western-inspired touch.
Rugged DenimOpt for well-fitted, rugged denim jeans in dark washes.
Classic BootsComplete your look with a pair of sturdy cowboy boots.

Final Points

In summary, achieving the effortless Rip Wheeler look that draws attention is a straightforward endeavor with just a handful of factors to bear in mind.

With our thoughtfully curated compilation, we trust that individuals seeking to emulate the iconic ensembles sported by Rip Wheeler in the Yellowstone series will find this guide invaluable.

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