Dress Like Jack from ‘Virgin River’: Get the Classic Look

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Virgin River is a romantic drama streaming television series on Netflix that has gained a following not only for its story lines, but also for its costumes.

The main characters are all noted for their sense of style and the character Jack Sheridan has become a popular one, particularly by men that appreciate his no-nonsense, casual wardrobe.

Defining Casual Wear

While not a precise dress code in itself, casual wear is a term loosely defined as encompassing anything traditionally deemed unsuitable for more formal events.

It entails a relaxed demeanor with a touch of refinement, making it suitable for day-to-day activities.

Casual attire often veers more towards personal comfort and individuality, given the necessity to combine various garments to curate a distinct appearance. It’s an opportunity for experimentation to unearth what resonates best with your style.

Even though there aren’t stringent rules and limits, style guidelines exist when wearing casual attire beyond the confines of your abode.

Whether opting for simplicity or embracing a hint of audacity, the interpretation of casual wear can slightly vary based on the context and venue.

This conundrum leads to the challenging task of discerning the perfect outfit that strikes a balance between being overly dressed and underdressed.

In moments of uncertainty, adhering to the golden principle that it’s superior to be slightly overdressed than underdressed remains a wise course of action, regardless of the occasion.


To emulate Jack’s style from ‘Virgin River,’ go for a rugged yet casual look.

Choose well-fitting jeans or denim paired with plaid shirts, henleys, or simple t-shirts.

Add a touch of authenticity with work boots or sturdy sneakers, and don’t forget a versatile jacket for a practical yet charming ensemble reminiscent of Jack’s character.

Keeping It Casual

Navigating the open realm of the casual dress code might initially feel a touch overwhelming due to its abundant freedom and flexibility. Consequently, many men find solace in the classic fallback: jeans, a t-shirt, and stylish sneakers.

As seen on Jack in Virgin River, the casual dress code is versatile and enables him to go from outdoors events to less informal occasions with only a few adjustments necessary.

Flannel ShirtJack’s signature casual and rugged style.
Fitted T-shirtOften worn underneath the flannel shirts.
JeansA staple in Jack’s wardrobe for a laid-back look.
Work BootsPractical footwear suitable for outdoor activities.
Beanie HatAdds a touch of warmth and rugged charm.
Table: Jack’s Everyday Outfit

That is the beauty of casual attire and in this comprehensive guide, we will cover his style from head to toe, with a few tips on how you can recreate the look to fit your lifestyle.

Denim Jeans

Serving as a staple in menswear for several decades, denim jeans effortlessly adapt to both elevated and relaxed looks.

If your aim is to convey a refined image, consider selecting a premium pair of fitted jeans with straight-leg silhouettes and a dark wash.

For an easygoing, off-work vibe, opt for lighter shades. Regardless of your chosen style, denim remains an enduringly dependable choice that offers versatile possibilities, ensuring you can experiment with myriad interpretations.


Incorporating chinos into your wardrobe adds a refreshing twist on your style every now and then. Swapping out jeans for chinos while keeping the upper outfit consistent instantly imparts a transformed look.

Prioritize well-fitting chinos in timeless hues like khaki, navy, and beige, which effortlessly complement various pieces.

Chinos strike a balance between comfort and elegance, aiding in achieving a smart casual aesthetic. These versatile trousers prove invaluable for events with ambiguous dress codes, particularly due to their adaptability.

Every man should have a trusted pair of chinos in their wardrobe to cover the basic tenets of menswear!

Casual T-shirts

Inherently embodying a casual essence, T-shirts hold a crucial role in every man’s essential wardrobe. These laidback tops are suitable for pairing with any attire, including elevated tailoring. When it comes to T-shirts, simplicity is key.

Opt for classic crew-neck cotton T-shirts in solid shades, such as white, navy, black, and grey, as a starting point. While adhering to the basics, you can elevate the look by exploring daring patterns, styles, and designs.

However, ensure that the fit complements your body type. Strive for a T-shirt that fits snugly but doesn’t cling excessively, avoiding unflattering cuts that can detract from your overall appearance.

Invest in Casual Jackets

As seen on Jack across several episodes and arguably serving up his greatest sartorial moments, casual jackets infuse personality into a laid-back ensemble.

Every man should have a few casual jackets to choose from as they hold enduring value, which makes investing in a few premium ones essential.

Button-Up ShirtA dressier option for special occasions.
Leather JacketReflects Jack’s rugged yet polished style.
Dress ShoesCompletes the formal ensemble with sophistication.
Dark-Colored JeansA versatile choice suitable for dressier occasions.
Minimal AccessoriesJack’s style is known for its simplicity.
Table: Jack’s Formal Attire

Lean towards timeless designs that transcend trends and remain stylish beyond a season or two. As seen on Jack, all of his casual jackets are classic, made from quality materials, and are versatile enough to wear just about anywhere.

Below are some options that work on Jack Sheridan and may work for you too!

Brown Cotton Jacket

Crafted from premium cotton material, this jacket boasts a shirt-style collar, front button closure, long sleeves, open hem cuffs, and an assortment of practical pockets.

It’s easy to see why Jack favors this style of jacket – it boasts immense versatility. Pair with a timeless hat, a well-fitted black shirt, a white round-collar tee, comfortable stretchable jeans, and sleek black boots to effortlessly capture his distinctive style.

When you wear this stylish jacket, you’re well-positioned to make a great impression, no matter the setting.

Graphic T-shirtPerfect for Jack’s laid-back outdoor moments.
Cargo ShortsComfortable and functional for outdoor activities.
Trucker HatAdds a touch of authenticity to the look.
Sneakers or Hiking BootsProvides comfort and support for outdoor adventures.
SunglassesA must-have accessory for sunny days.
Table: Jack’s Casual Outdoor Ensemble

Corduroy Jacket

Jack Sheridan is known for his rugged good looks and laidback casual aesthetic, which makes a corduroy jacket perfect for his wardrobe.

Because of their enduring style, comfortable texture, and impressive versatility, corduroy jackets stand as an excellent option for men seeking casual wear.

The ribbed fabric introduces a hint of sophistication while preserving a relaxed ambiance, rendering these jackets a splendid choice for various laid-back occasions.

The inherent softness of corduroy offers both coziness and comfort, and its seamless compatibility with a diverse array of outfits – from collared shirts to graphic tees – underscores its adaptability.

Available in an array of earthy tones, corduroy jackets effortlessly infuse a touch of refinement into any casual ensemble, solidifying their status as an indispensable element in men’s wardrobes.

Puffer Vest

Casual wear may be low-key, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull, and Jack Sheridan knows a thing or two about switching up his look when the occasion calls for it.

Aside from his favorite jackets, he also can be seen in many episodes wearing puffer vests, which are an excellent choice due to their combination of comfort, functionality, and style. These vests offer lightweight warmth, making them perfect for transitional seasons or cooler days.

Their quilted design adds visual interest while providing a relaxed and approachable look. Puffer vests are easy to layer over various outfits, from simple t-shirts to sweaters, allowing for effortless style combinations.

Whether worn during outdoor activities or casual outings, puffer vests offer a practical and fashionable addition to any casual wardrobe. Pair a puffer vest with flannel and chino pants and you are ready for the day!

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are a timeless and versatile choice for men’s casual wear, and Jack prefers them for obvious reasons. Their rugged yet refined look effortlessly elevates any outfit, making them suitable for a range of occasions.

The durability of leather ensures that these jackets not only provide style but also lasting quality. Their ability to be paired with everything from jeans to chinos adds to their adaptability, allowing for easy customization of casual looks.

Whether completing a simple t-shirt and jeans combination or adding a touch of edge to a button-down shirt, leather jackets consistently exude a sense of confident and laid-back fashion.

Casual Footwear

Casual footwear plays a crucial role in defining a man’s relaxed style, and Jack Sheridan always manages to look cool, calm, and collected no matter the setting.

Sneakers and Chelsea boots are some fantastic options for casual shoewear and men should have a few options in their arsenal to ensure their wardrobe offers maximum versatility.

Sneakers provide comfort and a contemporary edge, seamlessly blending with jeans, shorts, or even chinos.

These casual shoe choices not only prioritize comfort but also contribute to an elevated ensemble, making them essential elements of men’s casual fashion.

Style Tenets To Rocking a Casual Look

Even with a casual look, a certain amount of investment is to be expected, and while some items are destined for only a season’s wear, excessive expenditure on them is unnecessary.

However, there exist items that will remain in your possession for years – think of a premium bomber jacket, high-end sneakers, or a luxurious watch.

It’s crucial to discern which articles you intend to retain and prioritize quality over quantity.

To lay a strong foundation, focus on covering the basics and starting from the bottom up if necessary. As you commence constructing your wardrobe, opt for neutral shades like black, white, navy, tan, grey, and brown.

These hues seamlessly blend and offer enduring style that transcends passing trends.

Infuse your appearance with individuality and refinement by incorporating a select few items. Once you’ve established your style’s groundwork, you possess the liberty to infuse your unique personality into your attire.

Jack Sheridan effortless look actually did take effort, after all. With these guidelines in play, you have the power to recreate this great casual look and streamline it to your own personal tastes.

Tips for Embracing Jack’s Style

Opt for Earthy TonesJack’s wardrobe features natural and muted colors.
Keep It SimpleChoose straightforward and comfortable clothing.
Prioritize ComfortSelect clothing that allows easy movement.
Mix Casual and RuggedBlend casual wear with outdoor-inspired elements.
Reflect Your PersonalityAdapt Jack’s style while staying true to yourself.

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