Outfit Ideas for a Boudoir Photography Session

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Stepping into the world of a boudoir shoot raises the question of what attire to choose for this uniquely empowering experience. The art of boudoir photography transcends conventional boundaries, inviting individuals to celebrate their sensuality and embrace their inner allure.

Selecting the right wardrobe is a thoughtful process that goes beyond fabric and style, becoming a canvas upon which one’s personality and beauty are artfully showcased.


When preparing for a boudoir shoot, opt for outfits that make you feel confident and empowered.

Consider lacy lingerie sets, silk robes, or a cozy oversized sweater paired with delicate underwear.

Choose colors and styles that showcase your personality and flatter your body, ensuring you feel comfortable and beautiful during the shoot.

Levels Of Exposure

There are typically three levels of exposure to consider when it comes to a boudoir shoot: modest, classic, or bold.

Classic LaceElegant lace bralette and matching underwear
Silk EleganceSatin chemise with lace trim
Romantic FloralsFloral-printed lingerie set with delicate details
Bold StrappyStrappy bra and underwear set for a daring look
Table: Lingerie Styles

This will have a lot to do with your comfort level, not only with the idea of a boudoir shoot but also with your own body.

  • Modest exposure could mean a nightgown, boxer briefs, fitted clothes, or formal dress than lingerie
  • Classic exposure is that middle ground where you can be a bit more revealing and show a bit of skin
  • Bold exposure is anything-goes territory, which could include sheer tops, panty sets, thongs, fishnet stockings, an open robe, et cetera

Your decision on how much skin you show is yours to make and sticking to your personal style doesn’t mean you can’t get out of your comfort zone; it’s just a great start for expanding on your look and making your shoot a lot of fun instead of stressful.

Here are some guidelines for boudoir photoshoots to consider:

  • Solids usually photograph better than patterns and look more classic
  • Size matters. You might want to choose something super oversized, but don’t go out of your way to choose something that has you drowning in fabric if you don’t have to!
  • Size doesn’t matter. It’s better to have something that fits you nicely than have underwear bands or bra straps cutting in.
  • Softer material like a wider lace band or microfiber is suggested. The exception is a pushup/underwire for a few shots for cleavage support.
  • Look for texture and details that add character to shoots. Examples include jeans chunky knits, soft fluffy sweaters, and strong sleek leather.

Bring on the Boudoir Ideas: Ladies Edition

The following are some items that women can consider for a boudoir shoot.


Also referred to as a ‘teddy’, bodysuits come in an array of shapes, sizes, and materials, including lacy, sheer and with revealing cuts. Body hugging, soft fabric, long sleeve, short sleeve, turtleneck options, all of those are a great choice.

Sheer SeductionSheer lace or mesh bodysuit for a sensual appeal
Lace TeddyTeddy-style bodysuit with intricate lace patterns
Classic BlackSolid black bodysuit for a timeless look
Plunging NecklineBodysuit with a deep neckline for a daring touch
Table: Bodysuit Choices

There are also options for high neck, plunge neck, low back, fun strap details, and more. There’s a playground of bodysuit ideas at your disposal!


Similarly to the bodysuit, swimsuits come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and offer more versatility throughout a photoshoot as well as the amount of exposure you decide on.

The Sporty Aesthetic

Classic sporty underwear paired with either nothing on top, or a light tank top or t-shirt, is a natural, sexy look that never gets old.

You can go classic white, or black, or pick a fun color for something different. A thong is great if you want to show a bit more, a low cut bikini is fun if you love your abs.

Tees and Tanks

The subtle draping of a well-fitted tank top or the way a t-shirt contours to the body creates an enticing visual. These pieces seamlessly merge comfort and sensuality, offering a glimpse into the effortless charm of the individual.

Against the backdrop of an intimate setting, the relaxed elegance of tank tops and tees adds a touch of modernity to the composition, showcasing a unique blend of self-assuredness and understated allure.

The resulting imagery becomes a testament to the art of capturing masculinity in its most genuine, approachable form, redefining the boundaries of boudoir photography.


Make sure you choose a pair that isn’t too tight or going to squeeze your waist too much. You should be able to move in them a bit, and the more distressed/textured the better. fashion vibe to your shoot.

My favorite way to style them is topless with your arms covering, it’s so simple and classic, you can’t go wrong. You might not want them to be your only outfit choice, but as an additional option to another look it’s a great compliment. 


For a slightly more covered, but still form flattering look, a flowy dress in a vibrant fabric is one route to take.

A little black dress is a great option for a more formal look. A soft floral print or knitted or lace dress is a great option for a romantic aesthetic.

A basic jersey/cotton dress can be a great option because you can find them in all kinds of styles. You could opt for a dramatic train, off the shoulder, long sleeves, or tank top, so many iterations to suit your style.

The Robe

You can go with a sheer lace version, either nude under or wear a swimsuit or bra and underwear under. You could go for a printed summery vibe that has some movement and flow to it, or you could look for something long and linen that is sheer and lets some light peek through. Depending on your approach and history with robes, it is totally up to you to determine how comfortable you will be in them.

Jackets, Jerseys, Sweaters, Shirts

A cozy cardigan, cropped button up, flannel shirt, leather jacket, or even a puffy coat or pea coat – all of those could be styled in really beautiful ways. An extra layer can add character to an outfit and bring a whole new vibe.

White Long-Sleeved Shirt

A true classic staple, the white shirt is so versatile that you wear under it is entirely up to you. You could go fully nude, add a provocative pair of underwear, or even a swimsuit. Select something you can move in but not so big that it totally overwhelms you.


Accessories serve as the finishing touch to personalize your session and bring a little extra style. From delicate lace veils that veil mystery to shimmering jewelry that catches the light, the choices are as varied as the individual’s personality.

A statement necklace delicately grazing the décolletage or a pair of elegant earrings drawing attention to a coy smile can infuse a touch of sophistication.

Satin RobeElegant robe for layering or a reveal
High HeelsStrappy heels to elongate your legs
Statement JewelryEarrings, necklace, or bracelet for added glam
Garter BeltGarter belt and stockings for a vintage touch
Table: Accessories

Sheer scarves, flowing silk robes, or tousled strands of pearls can evoke a sense of luxurious intimacy, while playful props like vintage handheld mirrors or satin sheets can transform the atmosphere into a realm of tasteful fantasy.

These carefully chosen accessories delicately dance between subtlety and boldness, ultimately enhancing the visual journey of self-celebration, self-confidence, and artistic expression that defines the essence of a boudoir shoot.

Bring on the Boudoir Ideas: Men’s Edition

When it comes to a boudoir shoot, the focus is often on celebrating the sensuality and beauty of individuals, regardless of gender. While boudoir photography has historically been associated with women, an increasing number of men are also embracing this intimate and empowering art form.

The question of what men should wear to a boudoir shoot is one that involves both personal expression and the desire to capture a captivating and alluring aesthetic.

Men participating in boudoir shoots have the opportunity to explore a wide range of attire that highlights their unique personality and physique. Just as with any photoshoot, comfort and confidence are paramount.

The choice of wardrobe should align with the individual’s preferences, comfort level, and the desired tone of the shoot. The following items range from classic and sophisticated to edgy and daring.


Boxer briefs, briefs, or even a thong can highlight the masculine form while maintaining a tasteful and sophisticated aesthetic. Depending on your comfort level and personal taste, select the type of underwear that best highlights your physique and character.


Each contour and line of the masculine form is delicately emphasized with swimwear, celebrating the inherent beauty of the male physique. The introduction of Speedos or board shorts infuses an air of playful sensuality and carefree elegance.


A partially unbuttoned dress shirt, complemented by a tie or bowtie, exudes confidence and refinement, infusing a touch of formal allure into the composition. For a more relaxed ambiance, cozy sweaters or unbuttoned shirts paired with chinos is a sleek, elevated look.


The inclusion of jeans in a man’s boudoir shoot adds a touch of rugged charm and contemporary allure. The juxtaposition of denim’s harder texture against the softer elements of the setting creates a captivating visual contrast. Pair jeans with a crisp, white long-sleeved button-up shirt or a deep plunging V-neck sweater.


Incorporating accessories like silk robes, bold suspenders, or strategically placed ties can amplify the aesthetic, introducing captivating dimensions to the overall themes. These carefully selected wardrobe accents contribute to the artistic composition, allowing a men’s boudoir shoot to skillfully communicate a distinctive fusion of confidence, intimacy, and creative expression.

Final Considerations

The process of selecting the ideal attire for a boudoir shoot requires a nuanced equilibrium between self-expression, comfort, and confidence. The chosen garments should mirror your individuality, honoring your singular beauty and emboldening you to embrace your sensuality.

No matter what garments you ultimately decide on, the pivotal element is finding satisfaction in your chosen ensemble.

Allow your attire to serve as the canvas upon which your self-love and allure intricately craft a masterpiece. Beyond the mere fabrics, it’s the essence of confidence and spirit you embody that will genuinely transform your boudoir session into an indelible, empowering encounter.

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