Axe Throwing Outfit Ideas: Dressing for the Target Range

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So, you’re setting off on for an axe throwing expedition? Then you have decided on a jaunt in its own lane!

When embarking on an axe throwing adventure, prioritizing safety and comfort throughout your experience is paramount. Sure, axe-throwing sounds exciting, and it is, but there are some safety measures that should be considered before embarking.

What To Wear Axe Throwing?

Unlike many sports that demand specific attire, axe throwing is far more relaxed in terms of dress code.

You have a wide range of clothing options, except for open-toe shoes, which should be absolutely avoided. 

While axe throwing establishments typically do not impose overly strict dress regulations, it is advisable to opt for appropriate closed-toe footwear and refrain from wearing large, dangling jewelry.

To enhance your throwing technique, selecting attire that offers sufficient movement to enable a full range of motion is advisable.

If you have long hair, securing it away from your face is best to ensure maximum visibility and mobility. Ponytails, buns, and braids are ideal choices for keeping your hair from interfering with that all-important swing.

Caps or beanies are also a great option for keeping your head warm and adding a fashionable, hipster aesthetic to your look.


Opt for comfortable, breathable clothing like jeans and a t-shirt.

Closed-toe shoes with a good grip are essential for safety, and you might want to bring a cap for added protection while throwing axes.

When it comes to choosing a top, while it may not be as critical as footwear, it’s still worth considering. You’ll need to raise one or both of your hands above your head to throw the axe during axe throwing.

Tight-fitting business shirts or overly snug dresses can restrict your movements and potentially lead to wardrobe malfunctions, leaving you in need of a quick clothing change.

On the other hand, overly baggy clothing should also be avoided, as it can impede your movements and pose a risk of injury.

Instead, we recommend opting for a comfortable shirt, such as a t-shirt or a flannel shirt, which offers the freedom to move and adds to the lumberjack aesthetic.

Your chosen shirt should afford you ample room to maneuver, as axe throwing involves significant shoulder action.

It’s important not to feel constrained by your clothing, so avoid items like dress shirts, tight-fitting tops, or excessive layers.

While we can’t guarantee that it will improve your performance, flannel shirts are always a welcome choice.

They provide a cozy feel, allow for the necessary range of motion for proper axe throwing, and genuinely make you feel like a true lumberjack.

And if you are really in the spirit of the event, a tongue-in-cheek t-shirt is a sure-fire way to add excitement to the experience!

1. Casual & ComfortableOpt for a comfortable pair of jeans, a well-fitted t-shirt, and closed-toe sneakers for ease of movement.
2. Lumberjack InspiredEmbrace the lumberjack aesthetic with plaid flannel shirts, durable work boots, and jeans. Don’t forget safety goggles!
3. Sporty AttireWear moisture-wicking athletic pants, a performance tee, and sneakers designed for agility.
4. Tactical GearIf you prefer a rugged look, consider cargo pants, a tactical shirt, and sturdy hiking boots.
5. Themed CostumeFor fun, embrace the Viking or medieval warrior theme with faux leather armor and Viking helmets (if allowed).
Table: Axe Throwing Outfit Ideas for Men

1. Athletic ChicOpt for moisture-wicking leggings, a fitted athletic top, and supportive sneakers for a sporty yet comfortable look. Add a cap for style and sun protection.
2. Casual Jeans & TeeChoose a pair of well-fitted jeans, a graphic tee, and sturdy sneakers. This classic look ensures mobility and comfort.
3. Lumberjill VibesEmbrace the lumberjack-inspired style with a plaid flannel shirt, jeans or leggings, and ankle boots. Accessorize with a beanie for added charm.
4. Boho ComfortWear loose-fitting, bohemian-style pants, a flowy blouse, and comfortable slip-on shoes. Add a wide-brimmed hat for a touch of flair.
5. Sporty JumpsuitConsider a one-piece jumpsuit made of stretchy material for ease of movement. Pair it with sneakers or athletic shoes.
6. Tactical ToughIf you prefer a rugged look, opt for cargo pants, a moisture-wicking tank, and hiking boots. Accessorize with a utility belt for a practical touch.
7. Fun CostumeFor a special occasion or themed event, go all out with a Viking-inspired costume or warrior outfit. Be sure to check the venue’s costume policy.
Table: Axe Throwing Outfit Ideas for Women

Choose Pants Suitable for the Occasion

A piece of general advice is to go the sturdy route here, which means flexible pants that are durable and built tough, such as your beloved pair of jeans. In the world of axe throwing, you’ll find yourself bending over to retrieve your axe quite frequently.

You should also wear a belt to avoid any situations that cause your pants to fall down while moving. In a setting such as this, pants are a better choice compared to shorts or skirts because they provide more coverage for your skin, thereby reducing the risk of minor injuries.

If, for instance, you happen to stumble and fall onto a pile of wood chips from the target board, you won’t have to worry about splinters if you’re wearing pants. 

Closed Toe Footwear Is Your Friend!

While safety boots aren’t mandatory due to the low risk of injury, some level of protection is still essential.

Always go for closed-toe shoes that fit comfortably. Closed shoes offer protection against wood chip splinters and potential axe blade contact.

The best choices for footwear are sneakers, flats, or boots, as they provide good support. 

What you should not wear to an axe-throwing event?

Sandals, heels, flip-flops, Crocs, or other open-toed shoes are not permitted for safety reasons. It’s also advisable to steer clear of shoes with high heels or platforms to minimize the risk of tripping during your throw.

Do prioritize safety by wearing closed-toe shoes.Don’t wear open-toe shoes or sandals; it’s unsafe.
Do opt for comfortable, breathable fabrics.Don’t wear restrictive clothing that hinders movement.
Do consider layers for temperature regulation.Don’t wear loose, baggy clothing that could catch on something.
Do bring a change of clothes, especially if throwing in inclement weather.Don’t wear clothing you mind getting dirty or potentially damaged.
Do check if the venue has specific dress code requirements.Don’t ignore any dress code rules provided by the facility.
Table: Dos and Don’ts When Dressing for Axe Throwing

Ensuring your footwear is suitable is of utmost importance for the overall safety of your axe throwing experience. 

It is recommended to select comfortable and casual shoes, keeping in mind that you are engaging in a sport. You can opt for boots, running shoes — anything that covers and safeguards your entire foot. 

Outerwear and Jewelry

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A classic look that never gets old.

While you might wear a substantial jacket to the venue, removing it when it’s time to throw is advisable.

Most facilities maintain a comfortable temperature, allowing you to comfortably wear a t-shirt. After a few throws, you’ll naturally warm up.

Most types of jewelry are acceptable, but it’s best to avoid loosely hanging necklaces, hoop earrings, bracelets, and bangles, as they have the potential to become entangled with the axe during your throw—an outcome easily preventable. ting your view while throwing.

Caps and hats are perfectly fine, especially if you’re at an outdoor venue. However, for obvious reasons, an oversized sombrero may not be the most prudent choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to wear Crocs when participating in axe throwing? 

Wearing Crocs during axe throwing is not recommended due to the increased risk of tripping during the throw.

Additionally, your exposed feet become more vulnerable to wood splinters from the axe targets and potential accidents involving dropped axes.

Can I wear high heels to an axe throwing center? 

High heels are not suitable for axe throwing, as they are open-toe footwear that raises the risk of injury from axe blades or wood splinters. We suggest bringing them in your handbag and putting them on if you plan to go out after your axe throwing session.

Can I wear office attire directly to an axe-throwing session? 

We strongly advise changing into a t-shirt before engaging in axe throwing. Business shirts and trousers often restrict your range of movement, which is essential for proper axe throwing.

Axe and Receive!

While axe throwing doesn’t demand any specific clothing, you must wear closed-toe shoes. Generally, if your attire is appropriate for running, it will suffice for this sport as well.

Now that you clearly understand what to wear for your first axe throwing experience, you may want to explore more about this enjoyable activity.

Feel free to check out our guides on how to throw an axe and tips for enhancing your axe throwing skills.

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