Accessorizing a Royal Blue Dress: From Head to Toe

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Hey there, fashion-forward souls and enthusiasts of timeless elegance! Has that evening arrived when you can finally immerse yourself in that alluring royal blue dress? Well, the excitement is justified, but did you finalize the accessories to make your outfit truly shine? 

No worries if you are still confused. Our style guide is here to accompany you through the world of sophistication, where every detail counts. From subtle to bold, it will explore every jewelry type that can enhance your royal blue dress.

That said, get ready to adorn yourself stylishly as we explore how to accessorize a royal blue dress to have you standing out like a star. Let’s begin!


To accessorize a royal blue dress, consider complementing it with silver or gold jewelry for an elegant touch.

Choose accessories like statement earrings, a delicate necklace, or a matching bracelet.

A nude or metallic clutch and heels can complete the look while adding a touch of sophistication.

Accessories That Go Well With a Royal Blue Dress 

Some accessories that can help you rock in a royal blue outfit include: 

1. Hat 

Dressed in your stunning royal blue outfit, it’s time to jazz it up with the perfect hat! The best part is that you have diverse options to adorn depending on different seasons. When the sun’s out in summer, go for a straw Panama hat. It will be your stylish sun-guard, keeping you cool and looking awesome. 

As autumn arrives, choose a wide-brim fedora that has got a rustic charm and keeps your head cozy. Winter’s chill? No worries! That fedora comes to the rescue again, keeping you snug and stylish. 

With each season, your hat game should be on point, adding that extra gorgeous touch to your royal blue look!

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2. Gold Jewelry 

Want to add a touch of fancy to your pretty blue dress? Gold stuff is the answer! 

  • Gold Earrings: 

Put on gold ear brooches to complement your royal blue dress perfectly. You can either go with small ones or even big earrings that dangle can make a good choice. 

  • Gold Necklace: 

If you want to really stand out, wear a simple gold necklace. It will shine against the blue hue of your dress and make you feel like a star.

3. Ankle Boots 

Elevate your royal blue dress with footwear that blends comfort and style effortlessly. Opt for sleek black or neutral-toned ankle boots to create a striking contrast and let your dress shine. These versatile colors not only complement the vibrant blue but also fill you with confidence. 

Shoe and Bag PairingsDescriptionRecommendations
Nude Shoes and BagVersatile and elongatingPair nude shoes and a bag for a balanced and lengthening effect.
Metallic Shoes and BagShimmer and contrastChoose metallic shoes and bag for a pop of shine.
Black Shoes and BagClassic and versatileOpt for black shoes and bag for an elegant and timeless look.
White Shoes and BagFresh and cleanComplete the ensemble with white shoes and bag for a polished touch.
Table 3: Shoe and Bag Pairings for a Royal Blue Dress

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4. Metallic Clutch 

For an elegant touch, opt for a metallic clutch that matches the luxury of your royal blue dress. A silver or gold purse can serve as a focal point, allowing the dress to shine while adding a touch of modern flair. 

This accessory not only holds your essentials but also seamlessly complements the dress by introducing a subtle shimmer that ties the outfit together.

5. Delicate Bracelet

A glistening silver bracelet will remain an evergreen choice, especially for a royal blue outfit. Or a dainty crystal piece can also gently grace your wrists. The key is subtlety here – let the bracelet complement your dress rather than compete with its elegant hue. 

This single addition, if done the right way, has the remarkable ability to achieve an ideal balance between grace and style! 

6. Beret 

Next up, the beret stands out as the perfect accessory to complement your royal blue dress. It’s a bit different from hats. 

The best part? You can experiment with different shapes and materials depending on your style preferences and weather conditions. From wool to cotton and straw berets, there are a number of options to explore. 

This accessory has all the essence to add a sense of class and sophistication to your style, irrespective of how you decide to wear it with your outfit. 

When it comes to colors, go for a matching one. But you can experiment with neutral tones as well, like gray, white, or black, for a balanced look. Even contrasting colors like red can be suitable for creating a bold and eye-catching look. It all goes down to the special occasion you are getting ready for!

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Complementary Accessory Colors for Royal Blue Dress

Royal Blue Dress OutfitComplementary Accessory ColorsRecommendations
Gold AccessoriesElegance and warmthPair with gold jewelry and accessories for a luxurious touch.
Silver AccessoriesCool and modernChoose silver pieces for a sleek and contemporary look.
Nude or Beige AccessoriesSubtle and neutralOpt for nude or beige accessories for a versatile combination.
White AccessoriesCrisp and cleanAdd white accessories for a fresh and classic ensemble.

How to Accessorize a Royal Blue Dress For a Wedding?

Royal blue is such a versatile color that it can be your go-to choice for both professional and personal events. One such occasion where this outfit can truly shine is a wedding! But of course, you will need some accessories to complete your elegant look. 

Here are few valuable tips to help you steal the limelight: 

Subtle Elegance

The secret is to let your outfit grab the majority of attention by opting for accessories that exude gentle elegance. For example, you can consider delicate pieces like a pendant necklace and stud earrings – gold or silver, it’s your choice. 

This will not only add a touch of refinement to your look but also prevent overwhelming it.  

Statement Piece 

What’s next? It’s time to introduce a single statement accessory to enhance your dress’s uniqueness. A tasteful bracelet or a cocktail ring can be that standout element with the potential to draw attention while maintaining the outfit’s prominence. 

Clutch or Evening Bag 

A clutch or evening bag in complementary or matching colors can complete your ensemble. It contributes to an overall polished appearance. 

Shoes that Impress 

There’s no hard and fast rule when choosing shoes to match your royal blue dress. But since it’s for a special occasion, a pair of heels can be the perfect option. If that’s not your comfy pick, dressy flats are what you can consider as an alternative. 

Just be sure the color of your footwear either matches your outfit or aligns with the tone of the accessories you have put on. 

Hairstyle and Makeup

These two elements can either make or break the deal! If makeup and hairstyle are not done right, all your efforts put into other aspects of your attire would go to waste. For occasions like weddings, an updo is the ideal choice, as it showcases your neckline and earrings. 

As for makeup, there’s no one-fits-all strategy. Just aim for a balanced look that enhances your features without overpowering them. 


If the wedding is held in winter, you can consider a wrap of a similar shade as your royal blue outfit. It offers both warmth and style, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the party and celebrate wholeheartedly. 

Floral Accessory 

Lastly, a small floral accessory can add a delightful touch to your outfit. A royal blue hairpin or wrist corsage never goes wrong for weddings!

Tips for Balancing Accessories with a Royal Blue Dress

Balancing AccessoriesDescriptionRecommendations
Less is MoreSimplicity for an elegant lookAvoid overloading on accessories; choose a few key pieces.
Consider NecklineMatch accessories to necklineChoose accessories that complement the neckline of the dress.
Harmonize with StyleConsistency in style and vibeEnsure accessories align with the overall style of the dress.
Confidence is KeyWear accessories you feel confident inSelect accessories that make you feel empowered and stylish.


What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Accessorizing A Royal Blue Dress?

In order to look your best in a royal blue dress, here’s what you need to stay away from: 

  • Wearing excessive jewelry like a statement or bold pieces 
  • Opting for too many patterned accessories creates visual chaos
  • Adorning extremely large or overly tiny accessories that may disrupt the outfit’s balance 

What Color Accessories Will Look The Best With A Royal Blue Dress?

For basics, gold, white, silver, and nude-colored pieces can best complement a royal blue dress. But there is no issue in experimenting with colors a bit. For example, you can go with black accessories or those with a red tint to create a striking contrast with your outfit. 

Is There A Rule for Balancing Accessories When Wearing Them With a Royal Blue Dress?

Well, the only thing you should be cautious of is balance. If your dress is heavily adorned with details, simple accessories will look the best. Contrarily, if it’s plain with not much design and embroidery, then you have your chance to play with bolder pieces. 

Wrapping Up 

To conclude, accessorizing a royal blue dress is all about striking a perfect balance between elegance and self-expression. Irrespective of whether you opt for toned-down silver jewelry or bold gold pieces, the key is just to let your personal style shine through! 

Of course, only jewelry won’t be capable of enhancing your look of the day. It’s where other accessories like clutch, shoes, and hats play their part. Either go for bold colors or keep it all subtle – everything when adorned with confidence, can do the fashionable magic. 

A bonus tip is to always prefer style over comfort when accessorizing a royal blue dress. Of course, you would not want unnecessary distractions to take away the evening’s joy. So rock that dress confidently and let your overall look become the talk of the party. Royal blue dress with the right set of accessories can never go wrong! 

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