Rosie the Riveter Style Guide: How to Dress the Iconic Look

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Discover the essence of embodying a wartime symbol by following this article on perfecting the Rosie the Riveter look. Immerse yourself in the fashion and let this spirit characterize the 1940s.

Throughout history, specific unforgettable images continue to resonate with us, representing resilience, fortitude and the indomitable spirit of women.

Rosie the Riveter stands as one such symbol—a cultural icon that emerged during the era of World War II.

The image of Rosie, often accompanied by the spirited slogan “We Can Do It!” has become synonymous with empowering women. If you’re interested in paying tribute to this emblem of strength, here’s a detailed guide on how to dress up like Rosie the Riveter.


To dress like Rosie the Riveter, you’ll need a few key items: a denim work shirt or jumpsuit, a red bandana, and sturdy work boots.

Tie the bandana around your head in a classic “Rosie” style and roll up your sleeves for an authentic look.

Consider adding some red lipstick and a “We Can Do It!” poster as props to complete the iconic Rosie look.

How to Dress Like Rosie the Riveter?

Style ElementDescription
Polka Dot BandanaThe red and white polka dot bandana tied as a headband.
Blue Work ShirtA blue collared work shirt with rolled-up sleeves.
Denim OverallsClassic denim overalls or coveralls.
Red LipstickBold red lipstick for a confident touch.
Table: Key Elements of Rosie the Riveter’s Style

Black Work Boots

Rosie the Riveter was famous for being practical, and she always made sure to wear sturdy black work boots as part of her outfit. If you want to channel Rosie’s spirit, choose a pair of durable black work boots. 

They will not only complete your look but also offer comfort and support throughout the day, allowing you to fully embrace your inner Rosie.

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Black Belt

Rosie’s black belt was both a functional and stylish accessory. It served the practical purpose of cinching in her waist, creating a defined silhouette even in her work attire. At the same time, it added a touch of femininity to her rugged ensemble. 

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick represented a bold statement, signaling that women could be strong and confident while maintaining their femininity. When choosing a red lipstick for your costume, consider your skin tone to find the shade that best suits you. 

Apply it with precision, and don’t be afraid to make it bold, it’s one of the defining features of the Rosie look.

Red BandanaThe red bandana is tied around the head.
Prop ToolboxCarries a prop toolbox to complete the look.
Work BootsSturdy work boots, typically brown or black.
Flexed ArmSometimes depicted with a flexed arm pose.
Table: Rosie the Riveter’s Accessories

Red Nail Polish

Don’t forget to add red nail polish to your Rosie ensemble to complement your striking red lips. Like the lipstick, red nail polish was a subtle yet impactful detail that added to the overall authenticity of Rosie’s look. 

Choose a vibrant red shade and ensure your nails are neatly manicured for that polished finish.

High-Waisted Blue Denim Pants

Rosie had a distinct fashion sense, including wearing high-waisted blue denim pants. These pants were comfortable and practical and allowed her to move freely while working in the factory. 

The high waist not only provided support but also emphasized her body shape. If you’re looking for blue denim pants, try finding ones that sit comfortably at your natural waist and have a slight flare at the hips and thighs.

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The chambray or denim work shirt is essential to Rosie’s signature style. These shirts were sturdy and perfect for the physical requirements of factory work. Rosie would often roll up her sleeves for practical reasons, keeping them out of the way when working with machinery. 

To achieve the complete Rosie look, tuck your chambray or denim shirt into your high-waisted pants and imitate her confident style with rolled-up sleeves.

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Make sure your socks are showing above your work boots to add a stylish touch to your overall appearance. Remember to pull them up neatly, just below the knee, for that genuine Rosie effect.

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Red Polka Dot Bandana

The red polka dot bandana is perhaps the most recognizable accessory in Rosie’s ensemble. This simple yet impactful piece added color and personality to her look. It was not just a head covering but a symbol of empowerment. 

Aim for the classic bow on top of your head when tying your bandana to capture Rosie’s signature style. Ensure the red with white polka dots pattern is vivid and eye-catching.

Red Headscarf 

While the red polka dot bandana is the iconic headwear of Rosie the Riveter, she sometimes wore a red headscarf as an alternative. This headscarf covered her hair entirely, offering both practicality and style. 

If you opt for the headscarf look, make sure it matches the color of Rosie’s bandana, a vibrant red with white polka dots. Tie it securely to ensure it stays in place during your Rosie-inspired endeavors. 

The red headscarf adds a touch of variety to your costume while staying true to the spirit of Rosie’s fashion.

Prop Tools

Consider carrying a few prop tools for an authentic Rosie the Riveter experience. Rosie and her fellow female workers were skilled in using tools like wrenches and rivet guns as they played a vital role in aircraft production during the war. 

These tools complete the look and pay tribute to the women who worked tirelessly to support the war effort. You can secure these tools to your belt or carry them in a vintage-style toolbox to add authenticity to your costume.

Blue Jumpsuit

Although Rosie is commonly depicted wearing jeans and a work shirt, she also sometimes wears a blue jumpsuit. This type of outfit, which was both practical and in line with the fashion trends of that era, adds variety to her wardrobe.

If you decide to wear a blue jumpsuit yourself, choosing one that sits high on the waist and slightly flares out, mirroring the silhouette famous during that time is essential. Roll up the sleeves for a casual touch and complete the Rosie the Riveter look by accessorizing with a red bandana and a black belt.

Factory Gloves

Rosie would occasionally put on gloves to keep her hands safe and clean while she was working. These gloves were a necessary part of her work attire, showing how practical her job was. If you decide to wear gloves as part of your Rosie costume, make sure to find a pair that is functional and long lasting.

Pencil Skirt

Although high waisted denim pants are usually the go to option for Rosie’s costume, you could also consider wearing a high waisted pencil skirt. Rosie had a diverse wardrobe, and adding a pencil skirt can bring an elegant touch to your look.

Make sure to choose a high waisted pencil skirt in a solid color like navy blue to capture the essence of Rosie’s style. To create an alternative Rosie-inspired outfit, pair it with a chambray shirt, black belt, and red bandana.

Industrial Safety Glasses

To achieve a Rosie inspired appearance with a focus on safety, you might want to consider wearing vintage style industrial safety glasses.

Rosie and her colleagues frequently dealt with machinery and tools that necessitated the use of eye protection. These glasses not only enhance the authenticity of your ensemble but also serve as a functional accessory.

When searching for goggles or glasses, opt for ones with a retro design that perfectly complements your costume. By doing so, you’ll achieve the desired aesthetic while ensuring your eyes remain safeguarded during all your Rosie inspired escapades.

Color Palette

Red, White, and BluePatriotic color scheme.
Denim BlueMainly denim blue for overalls.
Bold RedRed accents, such as lipstick and bandana.


What Type of Woman Was Rosie the Riveter?

“Rosie the Riveter” has become a timeless symbol of World War II, famously depicted in an iconic poster that showcases the resilience and strength of a determined female factory worker. 

The purpose of this poster was to inspire and motivate women to actively participate in the war effort. It carried the powerful rallying cry, “We Can Do It!” sending a strong message.

This visual campaign aimed to boost morale among workers in wartime factories that were producing essential materials for the war. Its underlying message was that women possessed both the ability and determination to make significant contributions to the cause.

How to Make a Rosie the Riveter Costume?

Begin with a blue collar shirt, preferably made of denim or chambray material. Match it with navy blue pants or high waisted jeans. Make sure to highlight the iconic red lips by applying a vibrant red lipstick. 

Finish off the outfit with sturdy worker boots and, of course, the unmistakable red bandana. By incorporating these key elements, you’ll embody the spirit of Rosie the Riveter and exude a timeless and empowering costume.

Is Rosie the Riveter Feminist?

During World War II, Rosie the Riveter became an iconic figure representing the feminist movement. When the war began in 1939, there was a shortage of workers in the industrial sector as men left their jobs to join the military. 

This created a need for women to step in and help meet the demands of the workforce.

Final Thoughts

When you include these elements in your Rosie the Riveter outfit, it gives you the opportunity to explore various aspects of her style and honor the women who made important contributions during World War II. 

So, whether you choose a jumpsuit, a headscarf, or a pencil skirt, embrace your inner Rosie with confidence and demonstrate to everyone that “We Can Do It!”

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