Dressing for Pelvic Floor Therapy: What to Wear & Expect

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Tired of the wardrobe dilemma every time you head to pelvic floor therapy? You’re not alone in this struggle – the quest to blend comfort, functionality, and a touch of personal flair is real. It’s like trying to solve a fashion riddle where the solution seems as elusive as that lone sock that always disappears in the laundry.

Get ready to explore the realm of pelvic floor therapy attire like never before. We’re not just talking about run-of-the-mill outfits – we’re diving into the world of clothes that don’t just accommodate your body’s needs but also make you feel as fabulous as ever.

Think bottoms that grant you the freedom to move without feeling like you’re wearing a parachute, and tops that effortlessly balance comfort and style. So let’s step into that therapy session with confidence as we decode the perfect ensemble for your pelvic floor journey!


For pelvic floor therapy, prioritize comfortable and loose-fitting clothing.

Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton, and consider wearing athletic or yoga pants with a loose top for ease of movement.

Choose items that allow you to relax and focus on the therapy without any restrictions.

10 Go-To outfit To Don Your Pelvic Floor Therapy Sessions

We’ve curated ten comfy-chic ensembles that strike the perfect balance between style and comfort.

From relaxed activewear to cozy loungewear, your pelvic floor sessions just got a whole lot more fashionable and functional.

Clothing ItemDescription
Yoga PantsSoft and stretchy pants for ease of movement.
Loose ShortsProvides comfort and allows movement.
LeggingsSupportive and flexible for therapy exercises.
Comfortable UnderwearChoose breathable and non-constricting options.
Loose T-Shirt or Tank TopAllows for easy access during therapy.
Table: Comfortable Clothing Options for Pelvic Floor Therapy

Time to strut into your sessions with confidence and flair!

Option #1 

Embrace comfort in pelvic therapy with the cosy Frankie Ribbed Wool Sweater – more than just ordinary attire, it’s your path to a productive session. Pair it with a natural-coloured bra for support.

Matching it with the Natural Color Track Pants not only adds style but also aids in accommodating various body shapes and sizes.

You can also adjust the waistband to your liking, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit that supports your every move.  

Option #2

Revitalize your pelvic floor therapy experience with the perfect outfit choice: the Three Graces London Emerald Linen Top and Wide Pants ensemble.

This elegant pairing ensures comfort and mobility during your session. The breathable linen material keeps you cool, while the wide pants allow unrestricted movement. Feel empowered, stylish, and at ease!  

Option #3 

Elevate your pelvic floor therapy experience with the Chelsea Shirt in Persimmon and the Maddy Relaxed Pant in Walnut color.

The lightweight, draping fabric of the Chelsea Shirt ensures comfort, while its relaxed fit complements the ease of movement during therapy. 

Option #4

Slip into this trendy Two- Piece Set in a refreshing green shade. The casual yet stylish long-sleeve button-down blouse and pants combo not only screams comfort but also adds a dash of flair to your session.

Get ready to feel rejuvenated and confident as you embark on your therapy journey in this chic ensemble! 

Option #5 

Discover the ideal attire for your pelvic floor therapy: the Dusty Blue Ottoman Knit Pants paired with the matching Pullover.

This combo offers comfort and confidence, with a calming hue to set the tone. The knit pant ensures unrestricted movement, while the pullover’s smart design adds convenience. Prioritize pelvic health stylishly and practically with this empowering ensemble. 

Option #6

Gear up for pelvic floor therapy with the Can Pep Rey Emily Sun Jumpsuit – it’s the ultimate combo of style and chill. This jumpsuit takes vibes from hardworking folks’ gear but adds a breezy twist in cotton modal voile.

Rock the loose fit and tweak the waist belt for max comfort. Pockets on deck – stash your stuff while you work on your pelvic game!

Option #7 

Wrap yourself in pure comfort with this free-cut cream sweater, flaunting those clever slits, all crafted from natural cotton goodness.

And don’t forget those straight trousers – wide and tapered – the perfect duo to amplify your style while you conquer your therapy session. It’s all about feeling cosy yet stylish, making the right moves one outfit at a time.

Option #8 

Discover comfort and style in pelvic floor therapy with the Pink Lightweight Linen Tunic and Trousers combo.

The flared tunic offers easy adjustments and breathability, while the relaxed pants provide a movement-friendly design.

Lightweight and chic, this outfit ensures your focus stays on therapy. Prioritize your well-being with this perfect fusion of fashion and function. 

Option #9 

Get ready to slay your pelvic floor therapy in style with the Crinkle Rib Collared Relaxed Fit in plam colour with such calming regal vibes.

This comfy yet chic outfit gives you the flex to stretch and move while keeping it low-key. Lastly, pass us the vibe check and YES, conquer your therapy like the boss you are!

Option #10 

Ready to crush your pelvic floor therapy? Say hi to comfort and style in the Fashion Line Printed Shirt Two Piece Set in classic black. The chill top lets you move without limits, and the cute matching bottoms are all about flex vibes.

Boost your confidence and own your therapy sesh in this relaxed polyester fabric. This outfit isn’t just clothes, it’s a mood. Time to slay that pelvic game! 

Footwear Options

Footwear TypeDescription
Athletic ShoesSupportive shoes for stability during exercises.
Slip-On SandalsEasy to put on and take off for therapy sessions.
Socks with GripsProvides traction on therapy mats or equipment.

Accessories and Personal Items

Hair TieKeeps hair out of the way during exercises.
Water BottleStay hydrated throughout the therapy session.
Small TowelWipe off sweat and stay comfortable.
Personal Sanitary ItemsBring personal hygiene items as needed.
Note Pad and PenTake notes or track progress during therapy.

Dos and Don’ts for Clothing at Pelvic Floor Therapy

Choose Loose-FittingAvoid tight clothing that restricts movement.
Wear Comfortable UnderwearDon’t wear thongs or uncomfortable styles.
Opt for Breathable FabricsAvoid non-breathable materials that can cause discomfort.

Wrapping It Up 

Time to strut your stuff at pelvic floor therapy, and no, you won’t need a runway look for this gig! Let’s wrap up the wardrobe puzzle and keep it real. Rocking up in your comfiest gear is the name of the game. Ladies, think easy-breezy dresses or stretchy leggings with a chill top – embrace the vibes and let your comfort flag fly. Fellas, it’s all about those ribbed knitted trousers with a breezy shirt to keep it cool.

You’re not here for a fashion showdown, but to ace those pelvic moves with confidence. So, don’t stress – just dress! Dress so you can move, groove, and conquer those pelvic challenges without missing a beat.

Keep it comfy, keep it real, and show that pelvic floor who’s boss!

Discover the Art of Elegance.