Dress Like JJ: Outer Banks Inspired Fashion Guide

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Uncover the hidden tips for emulating JJ Maybank’s style from ‘Outer Banks and delve into his iconic fashion choices to become the ultimate adventurer of the Outer Banks.

JJ from Outer Banks has a unique fashion sense that blends a relaxed beach vibe with elements of surf culture and adventure. To emulate JJ’s style, it’s important to incorporate clothing items that capture this aesthetic.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll reveal the key elements of JJ’s wardrobe, ranging from the iconic Jeep T-shirt to the effortlessly cool tank tops and everything in between.


To dress like JJ from Outer Banks, opt for a laid-back, surfer-style outfit with graphic t-shirts, boardshorts or distressed jeans, and sleeveless vests or hoodies.

Add surfer-inspired accessories like beaded bracelets and sunglasses, and keep your footwear casual with sneakers or flip-flops.

Aim for messy, wavy hair for the hairstyle, and embrace the carefree beach vibe to capture JJ’s signature look.

How to Dress Like JJ from Outer Banks?

Clothing ItemDescription
Graphic TeeA selection of JJ’s iconic graphic tees.
Board ShortsJJ’s preferred style for swimwear.
Tank TopsTank tops often worn as undershirts.
HoodiesHooded sweatshirts for a laid-back look.
Table: Essential Clothing Items

Jeep T-shirt

If you’ve been captivated by the series “Outer Banks” and find yourself admiring JJ, the intriguing surfer dude character, then you’re not alone. His relaxed beachy vibes and effortlessly stylish outfits have made him a fashion inspiration in his own unique way.

Among the standout pieces in JJ’s wardrobe is his iconic Jeep T-shirt. In this guide on emulating JJ’s style from Outer Banks, we’ll explore the secrets of rocking the Jeep T-shirt and other tips to tap into your inner Pogue.

Brixton Logo T-shirt

When trying to imitate JJ’s style, it’s important to fully embrace the essence of surf culture. A crucial item in his collection is the Brixton Logo T-shirt. This brand is renowned for its genuine designs inspired by surf and skate culture, which perfectly reflect JJ’s vibe. To achieve this look, search for t-shirts that feature retro logos and eye-catching graphics.


JJ is known for his sunny beach style, but he’s also comfortable in cooler evenings. That’s when the hoodie becomes essential. Whether you’re hanging out around a beach bonfire or getting ready for an exciting night, a hoodie is the perfect choice. Look for a hoodie that has a loose fit and a vintage wash to achieve that effortlessly worn-in appearance.

Checked Shirt

JJ has a unique style that combines classic and rugged elements. A versatile item that complements his wardrobe perfectly is the checked shirt. You can wear it casually open over a tank top for a beachy feel or button it up for a more sophisticated appearance. By incorporating this shirt into your outfit, you’ll add a touch of JJ’s signature style.

For a relaxed vibe, opt for earthy tones like muted greens, browns, or blues when choosing plaid patterns for your shirts – these are JJ’s preferred colors.

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Grey Cap

JJ’s relaxed approach isn’t always centered around eye-catching designs and lively hues. Every now and then, it’s the uncomplicated nature that truly speaks volumes. The gray Gap sweatpants embody this notion effortlessly. 

These cozy and informal sweatpants are ideal for occasions when you desire a more laid-back vibe. Pair them with a simple white T-shirt or a retro-inspired graphic tee.

Half Sleeve Shirt

JJ’s tattooed arms are a crucial element of his unique style, and wearing a shirt with half sleeves enables you to proudly display your tattoos while remaining true to his overall aesthetic. These types of shirts usually have a loose and comfortable fit, making them perfect for beach outings or casual days.

To enhance the coastal vibe, consider opting for a shirt with nautical or tropical patterns. Roll up the sleeves, put on some board or cargo shorts, and you’ll be all set to enjoy the beach with an authentic Pogue flair.

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JJ is all about staying active, so having comfortable shoes is a must. Sneakers are the ideal choice for any activity, whether it’s skateboarding, exploring new places or simply taking a leisurely walk by the beach. 

With their support and comfort, sneakers make sure your feet are well taken care of. You can opt for classic low-top sneakers or go for skate-inspired shoes in versatile colors like black, white, or gray to effortlessly match your JJ-inspired outfit.

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Brown Overall

JJ’s fashion sense embodies a spirit of adventure, and having a pair of brown overalls is a must when you’re prepared to wholeheartedly embrace the mysteries that lie ahead. These durable and practical overalls symbolize JJ’s knack for tackling any obstacle that crosses his path. For an authentic Pogue vibe, complement them with a white graphic tee or a stylish tank top.


No JJ-inspired outfit is genuinely finished without a stylish pair of sunglasses. JJ frequently opts for aviator-style shades, which not only protect his eyes from the sun but also bring a touch of intrigue to his appearance. It’s essential to find a pair that complements your face shape and adds that extra dash of attitude to your overall look.

Whether you’re unwinding on the beach or gliding on your skateboard, sunglasses are an essential accessory for achieving the entire JJ-inspired vibe.

White Graphic-Tee

JJ is renowned for his collection of graphic t-shirts, but nothing beats the timeless appeal of a classic white graphic tee. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, yet JJ never fails to add a touch of uniqueness.

When searching for the perfect tee, keep an eye out for subtle patterns or captivating designs that add an extra flair to the plain white fabric. Whether paired with board shorts, cargo shorts, or jeans, this versatile tee can be dressed up or down effortlessly.

Tank Tops

JJ’s laid-back beach lifestyle often has him sporting tank tops. These sleeveless marvels provide a cool and comfortable option for the summer months while showcasing your beach-ready physique. Choose tanks with graphics inspired by surfing, or go for solid colors to achieve that genuine Pogue style. 

These versatile tops can be worn on their own or layered under an open checkered shirt or hoodie, making them the ideal selection for soaking up the sun, catching some waves, and embarking on adventures along the Outer Banks.

Hawaiian Shirts

When you feel like changing things up and embracing a tropical atmosphere, consider opting for a Hawaiian shirt. JJ’s penchant for adventure is reflected in his fashion choices, and a Hawaiian shirt brings a touch of wanderlust to your ensemble.

Opt for vibrant patterns that transport you to a beach paradise. These shirts are ideal for achieving a laid-back, vacation-ready appearance. Pair them with shorts or brown overalls for a look that’s perfect whether you’re attending a beach bonfire or embarking on a day of treasure hunting.

Normal Shorts

JJ’s laid-back fashion sense prioritizes comfort, and having a good pair of shorts is a must-have in your wardrobe. Whether you’re into timeless denim shorts or feel like trying out something more adventurous like board shorts, make sure they’re beach-ready.

Choose vibrant patterns or solid hues that resonate with your vibe. Shorts are perfect for activities like surfing, swimming, or just basking in the warm sun.

Cargo Shorts

When you have those days where you require additional room to store things (maybe for some exciting treasure hunting?), cargo shorts are the ideal choice. JJ often wears these functional and fashionable shorts that offer ample space for essential items.

Make sure to find a pair that fits comfortably and has a durable design. Cargo shorts are great for outdoor escapades or discovering the hidden treasures of the Outer Banks alongside your group of friends.

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Accessory Essentials

Baseball CapJJ’s signature look often includes a baseball cap.
BraceletsVarious bracelets worn on the wrists.
NecklacesSimple necklaces to add style.
SunglassesStylish shades for a cool vibe.


What Does JJ from Outer Banks Wear?

JJ Maybank’s wardrobe on “Outer Banks” leans heavily towards subdued and moody colors such as blacks, slate grays, dark browns, and khaki greens. These earthy tones dominate his clothing choices, giving his outfits a rugged and natural feel. 

However, within this muted color palette, JJ occasionally incorporates lighter shades of whites and grays, providing subtle contrast and balance to his overall look.

How Do You Replicate JJ’s Dressing?

JJ is often seen sporting a packable rain jacket, which is practical for unpredictable weather conditions and adds to his rugged and outdoor-ready appearance. Opt for a rain jacket in earthy tones like olive green or dark brown to stay true to his style.

Accessorizing plays a significant role in JJ’s look. An arrowhead pendant cord necklace is a subtle yet meaningful addition to your outfit. The arrowhead pendant reflects his adventurous spirit and connection to the Outer Banks’ mysteries.

What Color Hair Does JJ Maybank Have?

His appearance includes shaggy blonde hair, striking blue eyes, and a fearless attitude that sets him apart from the rest of the crew. His blue eyes, a noticeable feature, contribute to his charismatic and enigmatic presence. These physical attributes and his fearless attitude make JJ a memorable and compelling character in the series.

How Old is Outer Banks JJ?

Completing the lineup of The Pogues is their 16-year-old member, JJ. JJ, hailing from a troubled and abusive family background, is known as the group’s hot-tempered and impulsive member. It’s worth noting that despite playing a 16-year-old character, the role of JJ is portrayed by 24-year-old actor Rudy Pankow.

Final Thoughts

By incorporating key elements from JJ’s wardrobe, such as the iconic Jeep T-shirt, Brixton Logo T-shirt, and other pieces like hoodies, checked shirts, and cargo shorts, you can capture the essence of this beloved character.

Whether you’re hitting the beach, exploring the Outer Banks, or simply looking to infuse a bit of JJ’s adventurous spirit into your everyday life, these clothing choices can help you channel your inner Pogue. So, wear your aviator sunglasses, grab your arrowhead pendant cord necklace, and embrace the JJ Maybank look.

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