Dressing Up for an Elton John Concert: Fabulous Outfit Ideas

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Welcome to the ultimate fashion guide for Elton John concert-goers! Set the tone: Get ready to shine like a diamond in the spotlight.

Hey there, fellow music and fashion enthusiasts! If you’ve scored tickets to an Elton John concert, congratulations, you’re in for a night of glitz, glam, and some seriously unforgettable tunes.

But hold up – before you rush to grab your worn-out band tee and comfy jeans, let’s talk about how to steal the show in style. This isn’t just any concert; it’s an Elton John concert, where fashion is as vital as the music itself.

So, grab your feathered boa, slip into those sequined platforms, and dive into the ultimate fashion guide for your Elton John experience!


For an Elton John concert, you can create a standout outfit by opting for a sequined or sparkly top paired with high-waisted jeans and platform boots.

Adding statement accessories like oversized sunglasses and a funky hat can channel Elton John’s iconic style and make your outfit pop.

What to Wear to an Elton John Concert?

Dress for Comfort

Attending a concert is all about enjoying the music and having a great time. So, make sure you dress for comfort! Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and lightweight blends for ventilation and temperature regulation.

Personality TypeElton John Concert ThemeTopBottomFootwearAccessories
Glamorous DivaGlam RockSequin topLeather leggingsStiletto bootsStatement earrings, clutch
Vintage LoverRetro VibePolka dot blouseFlared jeansVintage heelsCat-eye sunglasses, headscarf
Free-Spirited BohoBohemian TwistOff-shoulder blouseFlowy skirtSandalsBeaded necklace, floppy hat
Bold FashionistaEclectic ChicAnimal print dressLeather jacketAnkle bootsChunky bracelet, sunglasses
Table: Elton John Concert Outfit Ideas for Different Personalities

Opt for comfortable footwear that won’t strain your feet, especially if standing or dancing for hours. And remember, avoid clothing that restricts movement or causes discomfort. You want to be able to dance, sing along, and fully immerse yourself in the concert experience.

Show Your Love for Elton John

What better way to show your love for Elton John than wearing merchandise or clothing that represents him? Consider rocking an Elton John t-shirt featuring his album covers or concert artwork.

Don’t forget to accessorize with funky sunglasses, statement jewelry, or sequin hats. And if there’s exclusive tour merchandise available, grab some collectible pieces that will remind you of this unforgettable concert experience.

Consider the Weather

Last but not least, check the weather forecast on the concert day. You want to avoid being caught off guard by unexpected showers or extreme temperatures.

Dress smart for the climate by layering your clothing and bringing a foldable raincoat or light jacket. Comfort and preparedness go hand in hand!

Now that you’re ready to take part in the experience, let’s look at some compelling dress code suggestions for men.

Elton John Concert ThemeTopBottomFootwearAccessories
Glam RockSequin tank topLeather pantsPlatform bootsStatement belt, shades
Retro VibeGraphic teeBell-bottom jeansPlatform sneakersRound sunglasses, headband
Colorful ExpressionMetallic blouseHigh-waisted shortsGlitter bootsOversized earrings, wristbands
Bohemian TwistFringed vestDenim skirtAnkle bootsLayered necklaces, floppy hat
Table: Outfit Ideas for an Elton John Concert (Casual Look)

Dress Code Suggestions for Men

Here are some striking suggestions to help you stand out and fit right in at the Elton John concert:

Statement Shades

Let’s start with those signature sunglasses. Who else can rock oversized shades like he does? It’s like Elton’s saying, “Hey, world, my future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades that could be seen from space!”

And guess what? You’re at his concert, so you better believe you can channel that same bold confidence. Grab those shades you’ve been saving for a special occasion and let them steal the spotlight.

Rose Sunnies with Rose Lens by Whiskey + Bone on Pinterest

Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll Tee

For those who prefer a more laid-back vibe, a classic rock ‘n’ roll tee is the way to go. Pair it with well-fitted jeans and a cool pair of boots to channel that effortlessly cool rocker look. It’s comfortable and stylish – a win-win!

Rocket Man Yellow Brick Road by Themegatee on Pinterest

Fancy Footwork

Don’t let your feet miss out on the fun! Elevate your footwear game by opting for stylish loafers or dress shoes that match your outfit’s color scheme.

A touch of glitter, rhinestones, or metallic accents can go a long way in making your ensemble pop. After all, Elton’s piano isn’t the only thing that deserves attention.

The Jack Shoe by Taft on Pinterest

Make a Statement with Shirts and Jackets

Elton John’s style is about making a statement; you should too! Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with statement shirts that feature intricate patterns, bold prints, or even sequins.

And let’s not forget about flamboyant jackets – the more vibrant and unique, the better. You’ll be the star of the show even before the curtain rises.

Rocketman Denim Jacket by Jacketsthreads on Pinterest

Top It Off with a Hat

Hats are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your concert outfit. Whether you go for a snazzy fedora or a playful top hat, you’ll exude a confident and stylish aura perfect for the occasion.

Pierce Fedora Hat by Goorin Bros on Pinterest

Vibrant Accessories

And what about those vibrant accessories? Elton’s got rings, necklaces, and bracelets that could rival a treasure trove. He’s a walking, talking jewelry store! But you know what’s even cooler? You’ve got your treasure trove waiting to be unleashed.

It could be a bold cuff bracelet begging for a night out or a pendant that makes you feel like a superstar. Don’t hold back – pile on the bling and let your inner Elton shine!

Star Decor Bracelet by Shein on Pinterest

The Power of Patterns

Bold patterns are your best friends when it comes to Elton John-inspired fashion. Mixing and matching patterns can create a visually striking and attention-grabbing look, Whether a striped shirt, a paisley scarf, or even polka dot socks.

Men’s Combed Cotton Socks by Christian Cuffmen on Pinterest

Dress Code for Women

Here are some amazing outfit ideas that will make you stand out. From stylish leggings to makeup tips, we’ve got something for everyone. So let’s dive in and find the perfect Elton John concert outfit you’ll love.

Statement Tee

Start your ensemble with a classic Elton John graphic tee. Show your admiration for the Rocketman with a shirt featuring his iconic glasses or piano. It’s a fantastic way to connect with fellow fans and groove to the music in style.

Daydreamer Tee In Ash Black by ModeSens on Pinterest

Flared Jeans

Channel your inner ’70s rock star by pairing your tee with flared jeans. These jeans are comfortable and give a nod to Elton John’s signature era. They’ll keep you dancing all night long without feeling restricted.

flared eyelet-detail denim jeans by FARFETCH on Pinterest

Bold Jacket

Wear a bold jacket to stay warm and stylish when the night air gets chilly. Think leather or denim with some embellishments for a touch of glam that matches the concert’s energetic atmosphere.

Penny Deluxe Faux Fur Jacket by Lyst on Pinterest

Modern Jumpsuits

Go for a modern and effortless look with a stylish jumpsuit. Not only is it a statement piece that oozes sophistication, but it’s also the perfect choice to rock the night away while paying homage to the music legend himself.

Jumpsuits by B&K Enterprises on Pinterest

Platform Boots

Elevate your concert look with a pair of platform boots. Not only will they give you a few extra inches of height, but they’ll also add that rock ‘n’ roll edge to your outfit. Dance and sing without worrying about sore feet!

Rocketman Elton John Cosplay Shoes by VeeGet on Pinterest

Sequined Anything

Elton John concerts are known for their glitz and glam, so why not add a touch of sequins to your outfit? A sequined top, skirt, or clutch can give you that extra sparkle that matches the concert’s vibrant energy.


Crossbody Bag

Opt for a crossbody bag to keep your essentials close while you dance the night away. A compact bag allows you to be hands-free and fully immersed in the music while keeping your belongings secure.

Mini Rainbow Jewel Heart Bag by Dillard’s on Pinterest

Colorful Scarf

Tie it all together with a colorful scarf – a versatile accessory that can be worn around your neck, as a headband, or even tied to your bag. It adds a pop of color and a playful vibe to your concert ensemble.

Jewel tone check scarf by Etsy on Pinterest

Funky Accessories

Elton John is about individuality and self-expression, so don’t shy away from bold accessories. Think oversized sunglasses, layered necklaces, or a stack of colorful bracelets. These little details can elevate your outfit game.

Willson France Sunglasses by 1stDibs on Pinterest

Makeup Tips

  • Bold Lips: Choose a vibrant lipstick color that matches the mood of the concert. Reds, pinks, or daring purple can add that extra pop to your look.
  • Glitter and Shimmer: Embrace the spirit of Elton John’s flamboyant performances by adding a touch of glitter or shimmer to your eyelids. Keep the rest of your makeup understated to let your eyes do the talking.
  • Statement Eyeliner: Experiment with bold eyeliner styles – a dramatic cat-eye or a glittery wing can add drama to your overall look.
  • Colorful Nails: Paint your nails in funky, bright colors to match the event’s vibrancy. Consider adding some nail art or decals for extra fun.

Hairstyle Ideas

Go for a bold and statement-making hairstyle. Try on a bright, colorful wig if you’re feeling adventurous. If wigs aren’t your thing, a bold hair color like pink, blue, or purple can still make a statement.

Opt for big, voluminous curls or waves for a dramatic look. And don’t forget the glitter! Add some sparkles to your hair for that extra touch of glam.


Is it a Good Idea to Coordinate Outfits with Friends Attending the Concert?

Coordinating outfits with friends can be a fun way to enhance the concert experience. You can choose a theme or color scheme that resonates with Elton John’s style and make it a group effort.

Can I Wear a Flamboyant Costume to the Concert?

Totally! Elton John’s flamboyant stage presence has inspired countless fans to embrace their unique style. Just make sure you’re comfortable and can dance the night away.

Are there any Specific Colors Associated with Elton John?

While Elton John has been known to wear various colors throughout his career, vibrant shades such as red, yellow, and purple have often been tied to his style. Incorporating bold, eye-catching colors into your outfit will add that extra flair.

Elton John Concert ThemeComplementary ColorsHarmonizing ColorsContrasting Colors
Neon GlamElectric Blue, Hot PinkBright Yellow, OrangeBlack, Emerald Green
Rainbow CelebrationPurple, TurquoiseGold, MagentaRed, Cobalt Blue
Disco FeverSilver, Rose GoldSparkling Black, GoldElectric Blue, Silver
Funky PatternsLime Green, TangerineCoral, TealPurple, Turquoise
Table: Colorful Inspirations for Elton John Concert Outfits

Wrapping Up: Embrace your Inner Rock Star and Strut your Stuff!

The curtain’s rising, and you’re stepping into the limelight. Elton John’s concerts are all about self-expression and having a blast. So, go ahead, dazzle, twirl, and groove – you’re a star in your own right.

The magic of an Elton John concert is not just about the music; it’s about being part of the fashion extravaganza. So, channel your inner Elton, and let your style be your anthem!

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