Deluxe Chocolate

By Milan Bui • Sep 2nd, 2009 • Category: Trends   

Fashion designer Erin Fetherston brings her whimsical charm to create a limited edition biscuit tin for LU Crème Roulée. LU, which has incorporated art and design into their cookie and biscuit tins since the late 1800s. Erin has been known for her French-inspired runway collections; consequently, she brings the same elegance to her exclusive LU Roulée tin with delicate fashion figurines and handwritten script.

These LU Crème Roulée Dark Chocolate Biscuits will be available on September 10, 2009 exclusively at For $39, you will receive a pack of six tins and free shipping. A six-pack may seem a bit much, but these decadent cookies make for great gifts and the tins can double as stylish pencil holders. As an added bonus, you’ll receive an additional $20 off your future purchase on shoes, handbags, or accessories from!

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