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TSM has some fantastic recommendations for planning your next trip: tours of China and Paris, accommodations on trains and in Missoni hotels, and options for luxury camping. And to set you apart from the sweaty, fanny pack-wearing tourists you may encounter on these fabulous excursions, here are a few must-have travel accessories.

Nikon Coolpix P6000, $499.99
This compact digital camera operates like your typical point-and-shoot but has all the features of a more powerful and precise SLR. If you’re looking a quality to document your trip at a reasonable price and in an easy-to-carry form, this is a great option.

Gorillapod, $21.95
This oddly-shaped object is actually a flexible tripod that props up or attaches your camera to anything: chairs, posts, or just a flat table. It is the perfect accessory for your P6000.

Belkin Mini Surge Protector, $25
If you are traveling abroad and need to plug in your cell phone, hairdryer, and computer charger, one adaptor isn’t going to cut it. This power strip has three outlets and two USB jacks (iPod-ready) so that single adaptor is all you need.

Moleskine City Notebooks, $17.95
Moleskine has a whole line of blank notebooks for recording and organizing your thoughts, but the City Notebook line is a great option for trip-specific musings. The notebooks, which contain city-specific maps, tabbed archives, and blank pages, are a great way to record your journey. Cities range from London and Paris, to Vegas and Miami, to Tokyo and Bejing.

F-1 Go Clean Bags
This travel accessory website has a plethora of great products, but the Go Clean line has labeled drawstring bags that keep your items separated in your suitcase. Lingerie, shoes, laundry, and “stuff” all have their place.


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