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For frequent travelers, night after night in standard hotels can get tedious, and even the most savvy and discerning guest can tire of luxury resorts, no matter how many amenities are offered. Luckily, a new kind of accommodation has emerged, which will surely return the excitement to world travel. Adventurous guests can now opt to stay in unique hotels and creatively decorated spaces.

The Pixel Hotel
Altstadt 28
4020 Linz, Austria
The Pixel Hotel, an urban project in Linz, Austria, is an experiment in unconventional lodging. The hotel is a collection of individual, previously empty urban spaces converted into architecturally interesting accommodations. The rooms are scattered all over the city, which, due to the lack of a common lobby bar or breakfast room, forces guests to explore the city. Choices include a steamboat, art gallery, and metro car. The project takes its name from the idea that the pixel is the smallest unit of a bigger picture. Ultimately, the whole city is your hotel. Rates from $116 to $166.

727 Fuselage, Hotel Costa Verde
Manuel Antonion, Costa Rica
The airline industry is cranking out planes with individual cabins and flat beds, but for most of us, there’s just no way to sleep comfortably on overnight flights. In Costa Rica, however, a lucky guest at Hotel Costa Verde can elect to stay in the refurbished remains of a 727. The plane, salvaged from a local airport, was converted into a 2-bedroom suite, complete with a living room, kitchenette, deck, and ocean view. Rates are surprisingly low (between $300 and $350 per day).

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