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By Rebecca Ridlington • Sep 18th, 2009 • Category: Style   

A rising star amongst Canadian style bloggers, Toronto’s Ashleigh displays some of the city’s eclectic style. On Rantings of a Fashion Addict, she showcases her ability to intermingle vintage finds with everything from high street fashion to high end pieces from the likes of K Karl Lagerfeld. We talked to Ashleigh to find out a bit more about her style and the influences of residing in one of Canada’s most stylish cities.

What is your take on style?
I like to dress based on my mood. I think style should be based on what makes you feel good and not on what you think others think will look good. I would say it’s also hard to define my style because I’m not a static person at all and love trying new things, new looks. That’s one of the main reasons why fashion and style intrigue me. I am also a true believer that you don’t need to break the bank in order to look good, which is probably why I love thrift shopping so much!

What led you to take on the fashion blogosphere?
I wanted a creative outlet that allowed me to get away from my technical world of numbers and science, and connect with other people interested in fashion. It all started on Google (I had never even known that blogs such as these existed), and continues with the blog that I have created (with J’s help, he is my wonderful photographer)!

Toronto is a major hub of Canadian fashion. How has life in the city affected your style and fashion sense?
I am more open to trying new and different looks. Toronto is such a multicultural and diverse city so there are a lot of different fashion styles that I am exposed to. I am also lucky to be near so many wonderful thrift stores (there are so many in Toronto) and being a former student on a budget, I have really come to appreciate that. I love to incorporate different vintage and thrift pieces into my looks. For all else unique/vintage/custom and one of a kind, we have Queen Street which I guess is kind of like New York’s Soho area (just not as packed!).

You’ve got some mad thrifting skills. Any tips for the recessionista out there?
You have to go with an open mind and frequent different places often. I go probably about twice a week and many times come out with nothing. It’s hit or miss, so you need a lot of patience. Of course, you need to also enjoy the thrill of the hunt which I think is most important.

Three people, dead or alive, to dinner - who would you choose and why?
1. My great-grandmother, so that she could tell me all of the crazy stories about my grandfather that he can’t remember anymore.
2. Fairuza Balk, so we could discuss her role in The Craft (one of my fave movies), life in the ‘90s grunge era and where she has disappeared to all these years.
3. Karl Lagerfeld, come on! Do I really need to explain that one? The man is an international icon, machine and a beast in the fashion industry! I would love to even just grab a vanilla latte with him for 10 minutes.

What are you listening to lately?
A lot of Cranberries, Dave Matthews Band, U2, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Lil Wayne, and a slew of ‘90s dance mixes.

Things you can’t live without?
Hmmm…I hope these can count: Love, Family and Friends, traveling, coffee; and of course, as this article is related to fashion, mascara, skinny jeans, Ray Bans, my magazine subscriptions, and my vintage bags!

What is your wardrobe’s most versatile or remixed piece?
I would have to say my red vintage Gucci bag. It always adds just the right amount of colour to an otherwise “boring” outfit. It’s one of the great pieces I have found out thrifting and surprisingly cost me a whole $3!

What items are on your wish list for fall?
Anything Alexander Wang and Acne spring/summer 2010 (it IS a wish list so I will keep on wishing), Rad Hourani booties or just about any black platform ankle booties, chunky knits which are always a fall staple for me, new pair of thigh high boots, and a leather vest.

You might not know …
That I have a massive Barbie collection both new and vintage. I have many of the original dolls from the ‘60s and ‘70s. I used to even collect Barbie Bazaar magazine. I think that is where my initial interest in fashion started as I have always been really intrigued by her extensive wardrobe and intricate outfits!

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