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Any venture that Karen Robinovitz is at the helm of gets us seriously psyched. The lifestyle impresario (bestselling writer, TV personality, brand consultant, fashionista, the list goes on!) can now add beauty creatrix to her glittering list of accomplishments! Karen epitomizes high glamour and is at the top of so many exclusive industries, but she’s as down-to-earth and relatable as your super sweet BFF.

Karen chatted with The Supermelon about her beauty philosophy, new brand Purple Lab, and first lipgloss - Huge Lips Skinny Hips. It’s already been on the Today Show and in this month’s Allure. Any product that makes us feel better about slacking on the Pilates and overindulging on Ladurée macaroons is a must-have! We will also offer a giveaway closer to the official launch date in April. Keep checking back for updates on Purple Lab!

TSM: Tell us about your newly launched beauty brand, Purple Lab.
KR: Purple Lab is all about double duty beauty and every product combines innovation with cutting edge ingredients with playful cheekiness and glamorous fun.

What makes Huge Lips, Skinny Hips so unique?
I came up with the idea for Huge Lips Skinny Hips when I was with my husband at a fashion party. I had eaten so many beggar’s purses that I suddenly had what I call “ring around the waist.” You know - when your pants start feeling one size too small from eating too much. I said to my husband, “If my gloss would plump my lips and not my hips, that would be my dream product.” Then I looked at him and freaked out, “OH MY GOD! Huge Lips Skinny Hips, lipgloss with plumper AND appetite suppressant!” My first thought was to call a friend in the industry who has a brand so she could make it. And then Todd said, “You make it.”

We did it together! And here we are now, a year later and launching the first of many products! The gloss is formulated so that it doesn’t sting as it plumps. It is super moisturizing. And it has Hoodia, the plant extract which has been used in Africa for centuries for its appetite suppressing qualities.

I am not making claims that this is a weight loss tool, but I think of it as my secret weapon, the little thing that keeps me in check. It helps me set my intention to be mindful and conscious. I don’t promote that women should not eat at all - but let’s face it… we could all use a little help and support here and there. So let this be a fun way to get some!

Who is Purple Lab’s beauty muse, or an ideal iconic celebrity to sport your products?
The Purple Lab girl is a fun, glamorous multi-tasker (hence the need for double or triple duty beauty products!). She loves chic sophistication and playfulness at once. She has a sense of humor and style all her own. She loves a little luxury but doesn’t want it to break the bank (Huge Lips Skinny Hips is just $20, so it’s good for us recessionistas!).

Dream celebrities: All of them! Gwen meets Gwynnie meets Nicole meets Jessica meets Eva meets Heidi with a little Lindsay, Sienna, Kate, Kate, Cate, Mariah, Dita, and Jennifer for good measure!

The gloss names are so glamorous and fun! We love how each one represents you. How did you name them?
Each of the six colors were named after my favorite icons and philosophies.

There is Kitty Poledancer, a nudish pink after my favorite form of exercise. I take lessons and have been going to the same studio where Kate Hudson and Teri Hatcher go, S-Factor, for years.

Red Sole pays homage to Christian Louboutin shoes - the bottom of his shoes are always shockingly sexy red, like this shade.

Love Your Thighs is a beautiful coral hue. And the color is named after the mantra I tell myself all the time. If we, as women, don’t love our thighs, no matter what they look like, who will???

Lychee Martini, a barely there peach, is a tribute to the sweetest cocktail of my choice, even though I almost never ever drink.

Worship Kate is a mauve-y pink with slight sparkle and my personal everyday shade. It is called Worship Kate because I worship all the Kates - Hudson, Winslet, Blanchett - and Moss, whose style inspires me every day.

No Panty Lines is clear!

Wow. No Panty Lines is so tongue-in-cheek! Love it. Any juicy tidbits on forthcoming products for TSM readers?
There will be a new product in the fall that I am keeping secret right now. But it will be sooooo sexy and flirty! I wish I could tell you more, but I will soon!


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