What are Super Quickies?
It’s a way for readers to archive their favorite articles. You can quickly find the information you need without having to search for it. Just click on the ‘Add to Quickie’ link located at the top of every post, and the post will automatically be saved. It’s quick and easy - all you have to do is register for a Supermelon account.

Why should I register?
By registering, you will have personalized access to the various features on our site (i.e., Super Quickies). Also, you can leave comments on articles and take part in discussions. Only registered users will be able to enter upcoming contests, giveaways, and promotions.

But I’m worried about getting spammed.
The Supermelon values your privacy and will not sell your personal contact information to third-parties.

How do you find people for Real Style?
We have a few people who scout for people with great style. There are also times when someone emails us photos to recommend their friend. We choose and approve the people we find. Everyone is encouraged to contact us if they, or someone they know, have great style and would like to be featured! Real Style has become a recognizable honor in the virtual style-sphere.

What is PYT?
PYT stands for “Pretty Young Thing,” which is a weekly column by fashion writer Lumay Wang, where she discusses her style obsession or dilemma of the moment.

What is Sweet & Sour?
“Sweet & Sour” is a cheeky yet practical weekly column by trend writer, Catherine Addo, that delivers a fun verdict on questionable trends.